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Jan 26, 2005
This is the short version, if needed I can add the main details...but nothing was left out that was really important. Just convo back and forth and the actual time.

Well I did the little spin thing, and won, went to make a deposit and everything was fine. Wanted to claim the 200% match (which I usually dont use), but I figured what the hell. I made my deposit on the 22nd. You have to goto the website and claim the bonus from there. I did this and got a page that said "your bonus has been Submitted". I call and talk to Mark. It will take about 3 hrs to credit your bonus. Well I wait until about 9am the next morning. NOTHING...I call back and was told that nothing was submitted through them. Thats funny, why would I be told it would be around 3 hours. Well after a nice talk and claiming the bonus while on the phone with him, he tells me that it still didnt work. He will put it through manually. It will take up to 24 hours for this to show.....LOL I was kinda pissed now.. Well this morning I check the account I have $2.50 in it...I call and talk to Mark. He asks if I claimed the bonus....WHAT THE HELL? Then tells me to wait 30 mins to 45 mins and he will take care of it.

To me this place wont get a damn thing from me anymore......

I just recieved my match as of now. Im still not happy with this place though...
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i also won in the free spins and after depositing to my real account everything was ok it showed correctly on my account..

also after submitting through the site for claiming the 200% bonus it was in my account after 5 min.

the only thing i found out that the site submit form was overloaded and i had to wait for 10 mins before the page refreshed maybe you clicked on the back button in your browser? and is that the thing that went wrong?

no probs for me anyway, good luck

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