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Repeated violations of rule 1.18 - being a PITA
Dec 28, 2016
We all know the situation when you have to wait for your winnings withdrawled.

But what about the situation when even your deposits vanish?

Today i deposited 2 times to royalpanda by Klarna/Sofort. The money was debited immediately from my bank account as usual. Klarna confirmed the deposits to Worldpay.

Now guess what? No funds reached my royalpanda account. On livechat they told me they try to resolve.

Then i got an email that i should wait 1-3 days for my money. I also sent them screenshots from my bankaccount.

Isn't that ridiculous?

Additional i have to say that i play for thousands of euros there and nearly every day.
This happens to everyone at some point or another.

I work in the Risk and Payments department for a casino and we do sometimes get Bank Transfers that don’t go through immediately.

Unfortunately normally when this occurs, payment provider back offices don’t show the transaction information so we would need to request Proof of Deposit, followed by a period of up to 3 days to see whether a bank decides to process it or not.

If the proof of deposit is provided AND the waiting period has been reached, an account is funded manually.

But to be fair, it’s not the casino’s fault here. Regardless whether you’re a VIP or a new customer, it doesn’t discriminate.

Therefore Royal Panda’s support hasn’t done anything to get back at you mate. They’re just following common procedure.
Heh more than 24 hours later, the OP still hasn't apologised or commented about the issue.

@Melvin - Panda It's a shame that people resort to this level of criticism without knowing the full deets :(

He did! He said it was 5.5 hours delayed. That was awful long and I guess he is the one wanting an apology.
Don't ask for too much from...well, people :)
May have been down to the Visa debit issues across UK/Europe yesterday?

I have made transactions on the day this big issue occurred with VISA and they have not even been debited nor do they show up in my pending transactions.
Transactions made after the issue was resolved have been processed as normal.

But I am sure they will be processed at one stage..Sure there is a back up system somewhere.. ^^
Apologies for the 5,5 hour delay, those things shouldn't happen and I can't really tell what went wrong here but if you want I can have someone look into it.

But it seems like there was a slight delay in payment processing not from our side. Bit harsh to instantly create a public thread about those things claiming we're doing something wrong and fooling players, don't you think?
Guess many of us have sometime had issues in online payments, i'm pretty sure that casino would love to take your deposit fast as possible as they make their profits from deposits which you are expected to loose in long run instead of delaying deposits and make you not to loose your money to them. If looking some almost 100% accurate payment method, i recommend land based casinos.

edit: just realized how old this thread was, just was curious when saw topic and this imo is really harsh call to open public topic casino fooling players based on this delay which most probably was about payment provider.

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