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I was given a promotional credit of $25.00, of which I had to wager the full $25.00 before cashing out. I did, and won big. However, they then told me I had to have a credit card registered with them in order to be a real player. Their system said I was a real player; playing for real money. I took this to another gambling link, and this is what RDC told them:

Jim Laws
--- Julie Sidwell wrote:
<, James,
<, I am sorry to report that Royal Dynasty does not
<, seem to be even remotely interested in negotiating a
<, solution to this unfortunate set of events.
<, In all sincerity, as indicated in the story below,
<, which has now been posted to our site, I seriously
<, doubt the winnings would have been paid even if you
<, had posted a card and made a purchase, as they added
<, the statement, "if he is not a US citizen or
<, residing there he is welcome to try again".
<, I am sorry that we cannot offer you a better
<, outcome, but as you indicated to them in the letter
<, you sent, you have succeeded in "getting the word
<, out", as the story is now posted.
<, Best Regards,
<, Julie Sidwell
<, GamblingGrumbles
<, GamblingCommunity

Do not trust this casino. They are thieves ! I am also going to the Internet Gaming Commission. I just want to warn you others to avoid this trap.
Royal Dynasty Casino is an honest casino and we honor our debts, but only in compliance to national law. The United States has taken a firm stand on Internet gambling. Gambling debts are not to be paid to U.S. residents or to individuals residing in the U.S. regardless of their citizenship.
Mr. Laws had not registered using a credit card and therefore our system did not recognize him as a player. More importantly, Mr. Laws was residing in the United States when he gambled with us. His German citizenship does not exempt him from the laws of the U.S. when he resides there. Therefore, in compliance with U.S. law we did not pay Mr. Laws his winnings. However, we intend to contribute the amount of his winnings to charity and will produce a cleared check from the charitable organisation to concerned parties.
We hope this clears up this matter as this is our final position.
Dear Royal Dynasty,

I understand your position, but I must disagree with you.

You state that the US has taken a firm stand against Internet gambling and this is not true. There are only very few states in the US that have passed any laws against people placing bets in the US. Most laws that have been passed have made it illegal for anyone to operate an online casino within the US, not against people playing at one. But it is up to you to choose whomever you wish to patronize your casino.

The wording in your disclaimer states "Special note to all [color=ff0000]citizens[/color] of the USA: Residents of the United States and any of its possessions, districts or territories are not allowed to play on this casino. Any attempt by such persons to play on this casino is unlawful." The obviously does not apply to anyone but US citizens. I would suggest that you immediately have your legal department rewrite this since the wording is a bit deceptive. It should read "Special note to all [color=ff0000]residing[/color] in the US".

In an email to you, I had suggested that perhaps Mr. Laws could fax you a copy of his passport proving his citizenship. Since he is only temporarily in the states, and will be coming back to his homeland in the near future, he may have considered remaining a patron of your casino, but I guess you do not value his patronage giving your inflexibility to resolve this matter in the customer's favor.

PLease try not to forget that he did not break any laws (I pressume) but only the rules that you have set up at your casino. Perhaps you ought to rethink your position on this.


oh me. perhaps they could mail his stupid check to somewhere in Germany...a relatives address? then the addressee can forward to the USA where he is temporarily residing. this is nuts!! the whole bloody net has gone mad with this "oh we will donate your money for you to charity..." yep, okie dokie...let Mr laws choose the charitable name for Papa Laws in Germany. what a joke. thanks bry for clearing this bozo up on the United States "firm stand"...gambling debts are not to be paid to US citizens...oh man. we can gamble then, you just cant pay our debts. hmmm....thats a new one. please pass the glue.
I'm wondering if they would have been so viligant if he had lost a bundle??

Donate to charity? How about the The Bryan Bailey Children's fund at:
Hainer Weg 4
96328 Kps

Please make checks out to Bryan Bailey.

"The United States has taken a firm stand on Internet gambling. Gambling debts are not to be paid to U.S. residents or to individuals residing in the U.S. regardless of their citizenship."

that is newsletter FLASHING HEADLINES material there bry...get the word out to the U.S. do not delay. it is your job to keep our citizens informed that we can now gamble online, we just cant get paid. things are looking up.
What bothers me the most about the message from the casino is that it is clearly a non-sympathetic answer and they don't seem at all flexible in dealing with their customers.

ah jeez b, they are flexible. if he had LOST a big sum of money, they would make an exception and keep it. you just know they would. heres to giving them the benefit of the doubt...betting they are pretty flexible. haha.
Guys , let me tell you , don't trust Royal Dynasty Casino. They even cheated me , as a webmaster , who provides them with many referrals , of my commission. ( Long Story ).

Gamble at your own risk.
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and one more thing , complaints can go straight to Perry Wong . And , if gambling is not allowed for US citizens , then online casino should also be illegal to be operated by a US based company or US citizen too ( as far as I know ). and Perry is in the US.
Hi Tim,

Long time no hear from.

If you have a good "long story", I'm sure we'd like to hear it. If it's worthy enough, perhaps we could even place it in our "affiliates" page.

hey b, lets try to contact this Wong guy for your next show?

i have my soda and doritos, curling up here for the LONG story. i like em. lets go TIM.
Thanks for a good hard laugh. I needed it ! You people are great. Keep us all posted, I want to here THE STORY TOO !
Sincerely, Todd <, *Living in the U.S.A.* & I have been payed often ! ! >,
This casino is run by crooks. I think it is a former casino of south pacific, notorious crooks too.
Let me get this straight, you will not pay to this person. You say it has to do with U.S. law.

Explain to me one thing Mr/Ms Royal Dynasty, why is it I can do a tracert on your IP address as shown above ( and I end up getting your location as shown below.

9454 Wilshire Blvd, Penthouse
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

But you are in the U.S.? Someone correct me but I think something is wrong with that.

What a crock, I'm steering clear of this casino.

Hi Eric,

Don't be confused with operating a casino and location of the server. I believe Royal Dynasty is run by a company in Canada with their servers in the Caribbean, which is legit. The IP address that was posted, is the persons ISP IP address. In other words, that persons IP address is from an ISP that is owned by a company in CA. My IP address would show that my dail-up server is in Germany. What it wouldn't show is that my server is in FLA. Confused? Yeah me too. :)

As for Royal Dynasty being crooks, could someone be more specific?? Why exactly do you think they are crooks?



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