Royal Dynasty Casino is run by thiefs!


Ernest Void

Over a month ago, I received a new player bonus of 20$ from Royal Dynasty Casino. I wagered more than that amount and then I cashed out on what was left (21$). I never received the money. I sent them emails about it but they give me no answer. Why do they offer promotions if they are not willing to honor them?

It is a small amount of money, but this is the first time I get such a treatment from an online casino and I thought I should share my experience with other people.

I think everyone should avoid any casino that refuses to honor withdrawals and/or ignores a player's messages. By the way, they use the same software as VegasUSA casino, with whom I never had any problem, ever.

Did anyone else have a similar experience with these crooks?
I did something similar, but I noticed fine print afterward that said they do not allow USA players. I don't know why they couldn't notice that when I signed up, but I don't expect to be paid.
I only got $5 free. My computer crashed after I had pressed the stay button in blackjack. I never saw what happened to my bet. When I logged in again my money was lost and there was nothing to show the outcome of my bet.

I emailed them and the next day they replied saying that the server continued with the bet after my computer crashed. They refunded the money I had bet so I was happy.
They finally sent me this message :

<,Dear player,
<,You do not have valid credit on our system.
<,The system does not issue checks to players that are not valid.
<,Please make your account active before cashing out your chips.
<,The RDC Team

I then asked them to put the cashin money back in my account, since they could not process the cashin. They replied this :

<,Dear player,
<,without a valid credit card, you cannot cash out real dollars.
<,I have already sent you and explanation.
<,No further correspondance is necessary.

Don't we all hate that kind of response? Just a polite to say : Go f... yourself, little man
I'm not clear on this--did they ever withdraw real $$ from your credit card?
I did a promotion with them once.
I did it without any financial gains for my self , just so to give our member soemthing special . And all hell run loose when Royal Dynasty did not honour the free chips.

So I remove them from my site . But some damages have already been done . Some subscribers have un-subscribed . Well a lesson learn.

My advise , stay away from Royal Dynasty.
Ernest, same story here. I got a $20 bonus, wagered it in full and withdraw $20. No money - no nothing. I live outside US.

This casino resembles me the Casino of South Pacific. I bet South Pacific has been transformed into Dynasty. Exactly same story with South Pacific.
I did get paid by Casino Dynasty but it took about one and a half months to get the check!! I'm in UK. On the check it has my credit card number printed on it! It explicitly states on the check:

FOR Credit card#xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

They date of on the check is one whole month later exactly to the day I cashed out.

The check is from Dynasty Services, Inc. in Raratonga, Cook Islands
Thats amazing its a well known fact that the post office on Raratonga is the best in the world The carrier pigeon was off sick that week I believe

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