Royal Dutch Casino... Out of Business??


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Mar 14, 2003
Ontario, Canada....
This has been posted on their homepage for a week now...



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Hopefully, the heat and bad publicity this bunch of crooks got from this forum put them out of business permanently. :thumbsup:
That seems to be the likliest explanation - they haven't been with Diamond Digital for long enough for it to be simply a software change, although if their business was not doing well DDS could have dumped them I suppose.

I wonder if their clientele know what's happening - these guys are so unprofessional they probably haven't bothered to email their players about their absence, telling them what's happening with their accounts.
I've read a couple of posts from people (can't even remember where it was), who said they had sent emails and they had bounced back..and they had called and there was no answer, no message, nothing. This was maybe a couple of weeks ago? Well shucks, and here I was hoping that Gamcom might add them to the voting polls and I could make an even bigger fool of myself, lol. :cool:

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