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Jul 29, 2006
In a nutshell royaldice wouldn't let me cash out after finishing the wagering requirement stated in their terms and conditions.

On August 2nd I sign-up and deposit at Royal Dice for their sign-up %100 to $500 sticky bonus. The terms and conditions at their website (you can read them here: Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) ) state that is was a 20 times the Bonus wagering requirement or 10,000 in my case since i made a $500 deposit. The relevant quote from clause 5 of the terms and condition
taken from the link is listed below:

Wagering requirements are 20x the value of the bonus before withdrawing any winnings.

All variations of Black Jack (including Pontoon), Video Poker, Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Fixed Odd games and Sic Bo are EXCLUDED GAMES and may not be played until such time as the wagering requirements for this particular bonus have been met."

I played casino war with the bonus and was luckily enough to win some and after clearing a little bit more than the wagering requirement I tried to cash out the 1380 of nonbonus money i had in my account. A couple days later, i received an email that said they wouldn't cash out the withdraw because I still had 9,980 left to wager. When i called support they said this was because it was a 20x b+deposit requirement. I went home and checked the terms again to make sure it was only a 20x b requirement.

With this information and a screenshot i emailed support, with links, quotes and a screenshot of the terms and conditions. I received an email back with a list of terms and conditions that where different from the ones on the website. Again i emailed them back saying this had to be wrong and again explicitly showing them their own t&c's. This time i received an email back saying that yes it is a 20x b requirement but it could only be cleared playing slots. This was not only different from the terms and conditions of the
bonus listed on the website but was also different than the terms they sent in the email right before!

Not getting anywherewith support and not sure of what to do next I ask some people for advice and they said I should talk to the moderator of
a popular casino forum who as an affilate in the business with contacts and had handled disputes before on behalf of players. Obviously i should have come right here but i'm not the most experienced in these matters. He said before he got involved that i should email the manager, so i sent her this email:

Hi Julie, i hope you don't mind me emailing you, but i was told by royal dice
support that you were the casino manager and that i should contact you about
this matter.

On August 2nd i signed up at your site and made a first deposit. Upon this $500
deposit i was given the $500 1st deposit bonus as advertised on your site here
Link Removed (Old/Invalid) and with these terms
Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

I enjoyed my casino experience and was lucky enough to win a little bit of
money. Upon clearing the wagering requirement as listed in the 1st deposit
bonus terms listed above (20x the bonus or 10,000 in my instance) I attempted
to cash out my winnings (totaling $1380 with the $500 bonus being removed from
my account at cashout). Unfortunately my cashout was declined by support and
reversed back into my account. Upon various phone and emails exchanges with
the support staff I was told that the reason my withdraw was declined was
because the wager requirement was 20x the deposit + bonus or 20,000 in my case,
and thus i still had over $9,000 left to wager. Support stood by this line
despite the fact that the terms and conditions of the bonus clearly state that
the wager requirement is only 20x the bonus.

I hope you understand that i'm a little dismayed by this. The bonus was
advertise explicity through webiste and the terms and conditions as a 20x bonus
wagering requirement and i accepted the bonus with that expectation. As i
stated before, i enjoyed my casino experience and was hoping to test my luck in
the future with your casino. Therefore, i certainly wouldn't be opposed to
playing more, but at some point it becomes about the principle of agreements
and being able to trust a site to handle your money honestly.

I undertand that as a casino you run various promotions and many of them have
different terms and wagering requirement. And i certainly can see that as a
possible source of confusion for the support team, however, since the support
staff has made it clear that they won't process the withdraw as is, despite
what the terms and conditions say, i was hoping to have your help in clearing
up this matter and making a withdraw. Attached is the screenshot of the terms
and condition of the bonus in question (see clause #5 for wagering

Thank you for your consideration

In repsonse i received this back from her:

Dear Esteban

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. There appears to be a typo on the
website which I am getting fixed by our graphics team now.

Please note the Bonus email you were sent clearly states that:


* This introductory offer is available for a limited time only. So make sure
you get all our deposit bonuses.

* For play on Slots, Keno, Derby Day, 3 card poker - The wagering
requirement is 20x the deposit + bonus value before withdrawing any

We also highlight on the website that the Terms and conditions of the bonus
that are sent in the emails override the terms and conditions on the

Once again I apologize for any inconvenience caused, please don't hesitate
to contact us anytime.

Kind Regards


Royal Dice

They obviously weren't budging, and after receiving some advice I realized there nothing else i could do. I decided to just finish out the new requirement and hope they would let me cashout then. In the worst run of luck i've had in a while, lost all the entire 1380 betting $15 a hand at war before i could finish the wr i had left. I feel sick now. I know there is probably nothing anyone can do since i tried to finish out the wr, but i just wanted to get the word out there that royal dice isn't complying with the ters
This is hard luck.

A decent casino would have honoured the original terms 'typo' or not.

Your only consolation is that this casino and others of its type will be crushed eventually by the likes of Inter and 32Red who know what good CS is.

Thanks for the heads up.:thumbsup: I just made my first deposit at Royal Dice yesterday. I did not win anything. I will wait and see what happens in your case before I even think of depositing again.
I would say that this is a tactic employed by the casino to ensure you gamble away your winnings so that even if someone successfully arbitrates on your behalf, you would have nothing left to argue over. Most gamblers are compulsive by nature and if they are unwilling to budge after a long tussle, you simply blow all your winnings away. With the benefit of hindsight, the correct way would be to contact Playtech for mediation and make sure that you play during the interim.

Come to think of it, there seems to be a 'rogue doubling' effect, what with the 'dices', 'joys' and 'cons'. So what's there in a casino name?
I was stiffed by Casino Kingdom in a similar situation, except that in my case the condition in the e-mail were more generous than the conditions on the website, but the casino insisted that the conditions on the web apply. If there is a discrepancy, always assume that the casino will apply the conditions less favourable to the player.
an update

Hi yall. I just wanted to post an update and publicly thank Jacqui Betrev for her help in resolving this matter. Jacqui, a registered member of this board and a member of the management team at royaldice and gaint vegas, pm'ed me after reading my orginal post. She said that it should have been the casino's fault for the typo and asked for my information inorder to look into the situation for me. Within a day after giving her my user information, the 1380 dollars that i orginally tried to withdraw and subsequently lost was back into my account. And the withdraw has now been processed.

Clearly Jacqui went above and beyond, in order to do what she felt was right and fair for the player. My experience with royaldice has gone from probably my worst experience at a casino to probably my best because of her. So i just wanted to give a public thanks to Jacqui. Thank you.

And thank you to casinomeister for operating these forums.

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