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Mar 7, 2003
I received a promo offer from Royal Dice Casino on 12/6, good for Sundays. So on Sunday, 12/14 I made my deposit and played. The deal was $1 for every $100 wagered. I don't know exactly how much I wagered, but it was well over $10K, probably close to $14K. I lost $1000 in the process. The bonus was not credited the next day as promised, and customer service keeps promising in vain to direct my request for this bonus to management.

The CS angle is actually a little more complicated than suggested in my last sentence. I've e-mailed them maybe 10 times since 12/14. Sometimes I get no response at all, sometimes they apologize for the inconvenience and promise to get my complaint to management, and once they claimed I was ineligible for the bonus. As to the latter, they did not specify how I was ineligible, and did not respond to my question along these lines. I believe I met all the criteria in the promotional e-mail (which I reproduced below).

Anyway, until they get their act together, I recommend players avoid Royal Dice Casino. I suspect their CS is merely in temporary disarray, as I've had no previous problems, but disarray is not a good thing in a casino, and there are plenty of good alternatives. I'll of course keep the board posted on any progress with the situation.

Happy New Year!!


P.S. Here is the promotional e-mail. I've gotten pretty good at reading these, but please let me know if you spot anything that might account for my problems.

> Dear xxxxxxxxxxxx,
> Bet & collect all day Sunday for up to $150 in bonuses
> in our Sunday BETTOR BONUS Promotion!
> >From 00:01 EST to 23:59 EST this Sunday, get $1 for
> every $100 you wager - ON ANY GAME!! Simply make at
> least one deposit of any amount during promo times to
> qualify for the bonus.
> ** Your account will be credited by me on Monday. **
> Happy Gaming,
> Natalie
> Promotions
> Royal Dice Casino
> - Promotion Dates: Every Sunday between 00:01-23:59 EST
> - The bonus amount is $1 for every $100 wagered on any
> game.
> - Bonuses will be awarded for wagered amounts of $100;
> wager amounts not reaching $100 will not be eligible for
> the bonus (i.e. will not be rounded up or down for a bonus).
> - The maximum bonus that will be awarded during the
> promotion is $150.
> - Bonuses will be credited on the Monday following the
> promotion.
> - This bonus cannot be received in conjunction with a
> welcome/first-deposit bonus.
> - Players must make at least one deposit of any amount
> during the promotion times to be eligible for the bonus.
> - Wagers made outside of the promotion hours will not be
> eligible for the bonus.
> - Wagering requirements for the bonus are 45x the bonus
> before making any withdrawals.
> - Bonus wagering on Baccarat, Craps, Roulette AND 4-line
> Video Poker games does not count towards fulfilling the
> wagering requirement.
> - If you do not wish to keep this bonus, please contact
> support by e-mail, toll-free phone or live chat.
> - Management reserves the right to alter the terms and
> conditions of this offer at any point.
> - Management's decision is final.
Thanks, Spearmaster. You and Bryan are incredibly generous with your time and influence. I generally like Royal Dice and want to give it the opportunity to straighten this out (even if it means giving me bad news with a clear explanation) without any outside assistance. As you know, most misunderstandings can be cleared up with gentle persistence. (I admit, though, that I shared this thread link with Royal Dice in an attempt to accelerate some action.) I like to keep the "big guns" (you & Bryan) in reserve for when I believe I've done all I can on my own. If the offer's still good I may take you up on it in a week or two.

Thanks again :thumbsup: ,


I've sent royaldice casino support three e-mails since my initial post here, each time requesting that a manager get back to me. None have been answered -- not even with an automated reply. Previously, I was able to at least generate an incomprehensible reply from CS.

It's hard to tell whether they are being deliberately spiteful because they're tired of me (imagine my nerve, requesting a bonus to which I'm entitled!), or whether they are just not taking care of their business. Either way, it reflects very poorly on them.

Again, until they show they can get their act together, you might take this as evidence of how they treat their longtime customers (I have deposited $6500 there and lost $4500 over the past 12 months).

I will continue to provide updates until this is resolved. Best,

never deposit and play at royal dice

i have deposit $75 and play on 03 Mar last i have cash out more than $1000.

they retune my deposit and closed my account!!
Ok you have to wager $15,000 to get $150. I'm not sure of the house edge at this particular place so I'll assume .5%

$15,000 x .005 = $75 so your theoretical expected value is $150 - $75 (In the process of wagering $15,000 you're expected to lose $75 of your money). You then have to wager the bonus amount 45 times, so that's another $6,750 in WR. Using the same .5% this further reduces the bonus to a theoretical EV of $41.25 ($75 - ($6,750 x .005 = $33.75) = $41.25).

Now we have to find an acceptable risk of ruin. Afterall there is a chance you could go bust before ever making it to $15,000 to get the bonus or before you re-wager another $6,750 to cash in the bonus.

I think 1% is an acceptable risk of ruin. Your total wager requirements are $21,750. We could play 3,000 hands at $7 per hand and meet this requirement(because of splits and doubles). At 3,000 hands we need a bankroll of 177 units for a 1% risk of ruin. This means our deposit needs to be ($7 x 177) $1239. Now you're depositing $1,239 for a 99% chance of making $41.25.

Over 100 trials you'll cash out ($1280 x 99) $126,720 and lose your deposit once ($1,239 x 1) for a total cashout of ($126,720 - $1,239) $125,481. This was over 100 trials so your average cashout would be $1,254.81. You deposited $1,239 so the actual expected value of the bonus is ($1,254.81 - $1,239) $15.81.

You can see that $15.81 is just a little over 1% of your deposit. You could get your risk of ruin near "impossible" by depositing $15,000 and playing 15,000 hands at $1 per hand, but this still doesn't increase your bonus amount any from $41.25, it just increases it from $15.81 to $41.25 however this reduces the bonus to less than half a percent of your deposit!

I can think of 100 other casinos where you'd get more than a 1% bonus for a deposit of $1239!!

If you want any parts explained in more detail just holler!

(edited I had a mistake in the risk of ruin amounts) - even removing the risk of ruin amounts completely the actual value of this bonus doesn't approach more than a few percent.
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Sounds good. But all bonuses are worthless if casinos like Royal Dice don't feel like they have to honor them, or even to respond to customer e-mails.

I thought this was in liue of a deposit bonus. If it was an addition (comp bonus) then it's all gravy.
Hi, spearmaster!

Never got my e-mails, huh? :rolleyes: That's an odd claim on their part, as I've been using the e-mail all along. They even *used* to reply to my messages sent to that address (I found at least four in my files, including the most recent one appended below, in which they claim they'd been forwarding my e-mails to management and promise to follow up with me!).

I'll try one more time, the marketing address. Thanks for talking to them for me. They apparently care about your good opinion.

I'll let everyone know what happens. Best,


----- Original Message -----
From: "RoyalDice Casino" <>
Sent: Saturday, January 03, 2004 11:47 AM
Subject: TRX0000164977 Royal Dice Casino

Dear player,

Thank you for choosing Royal Dice.

We are in receipt of your e-mail and we are truly sorry that you feel this way.

Please note that our records indicate that your previous e-mails were forwarded
to management for further assistance. Please be advised that this bonus is
credited by the Manager and not by Customer Support. We are still awaiting a
response from the Manager. However, we will contact you as soon as we have
a response regarding this matter.

We would like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Best wishes and have a nice day!

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Royal
Dice Support Team. We are available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.

With Best Regards,

Toll Free: 1-866-609-0298
International: 1-268-481-2303
Toll Free Fax: 1-866-609-0293
Fax: 1-268-481-2355

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On 1/13, I finally received an e-mail from harvey, who apparently assumes management responsibilities for a few casinos within the group that includes royaldice. I had dealt with him before in a matter involving a different casino. He is smart, courteous, timely with e-mails, and listens well. Once I saw his name on the return e-mail address I knew the problem would get solved.

He indicated that the promo was not intended to be in effect the day I played it, and that they made two errors that led me to believe the promo was still in effect: 1) on the T&C of their original e-mail to me (printed at the beginning of this thread) they indicated that the promo was in effect "Every Sunday" when they intended it to be a one-timer; 2) they neglected to remove the promo from the login banner on the day I made my deposit, and I made my deposit based on that information before it was corrected.

He apologized for the poor CS and the inconvenience, and provided me a bonus of $100, which, along with a $20 bonus CS gave me previously, is in the ballpark of what I should have received from the promotion. I accepted this and told him I consider the matter resolved.

I will continue to play at this group of casinos. I like the software, I have been paid rapidly in the past, and I am often greeted warmly via the chat function by CS. Also, until a month or so ago I had never had any previous CS problems approaching this. I have a long history with this group of casinos, and I don't see a reason not to give them the benefit of the doubt. It is good to know that Harvey is behind their operation, and though he initially expressed some bewilderment that he was not contacted by CS earlier, he told me that he believes the CS problems are ironed out.

So, thus ends the saga. All's well that ends well, nobody's perfect, and all that. Huge thanks to Brian for maintaining this site, and Spearmaster, whose proactive assistance makes us all safer and saner. Cheers all,


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