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Sep 3, 2005
I wonder if someone else have a problem trying to display Cashcheck. Two days ago I cashed out 100 (first time after much loss). Yesterday it was still in reversible state, today - everytime I try to check status I receive a message - The Page is not found.:confused: :rolleyes: Also Playcheck looks funny - doesn't show my Roulette bets for 2 days. I would come to some thoughts,:cool: but Roxy supposed to be a decent casino and anyway - I deposited 50 and as I saw that I have no luck in this casino as always, I decided to cash out as soon as I won 50 and don't push my luck.:rolleyes: So, it's actually only 50 cashout - and ca. 600 loss.:mad:
I played at Spin Palace the same day and also cashed out 100 - the money is already on my Neteller account.
For some Reason Roxy Palace holds on to the withdrawal for about 2-3 days in the reversable state. I also cashed out and it took almost 4 days to recieve my funds (2 days in reverse funds) in my Neteller account.

They are a very good casino. Just have a little patience. You will get your money.

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