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Apr 6, 2012
Hey all hope this is the right place to make this post.

I made a few deposits about a week ago totalling somewhere in the range of 1300 euros and on the fourth won back most of my money and went to bed..

The next day I checked and I got an email from them asking for documents "as a precautionary measure" and as soon as your information was verified we'll reinstate access.

OK asked for ID, nothing new there from land casinos lol

I sent in my bank statement and ID and haven't heard back. Just wondering from experienced members here how long it takes for them to process documents?

It's getting close to a week and it feels like Roxy Palace is stalling for time...

I doubled checked the documents request email and it said a copy of a "printed bill". Guess a bank statement doesn't cut it since it's not an invoice. Today I scanned and sent them off my power bill and the screenshot from my moneybookers account.

Altogether the documents I've sent over to them:
The front of my ID
The back of my ID
Bank Statement
Power Bill
Moneybookers screenshot

I don't really have anything else to send lol

I understand they have to make sure everything is correct and process documents. Only I'm starting to think they're just holding out so I can't use my balance. But they could just be busy.

Again sorry if this is the wrong area of the forum to ask about this.

Cool Forum btw.


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Oct 14, 2004
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Welcome to CM. It is indeed a cool forum.

Roxy Palace has a rep here you can contact,

I'm sure they will look into it for you. Keep in mind that security teams don't usually work weekends.

You can find casino representatives under the I-gaming Reps tab above.

This is Easter, so the weekend began Friday, and includes Monday.

A bank statement will normally be OK provided it shows your address, and ties in with the name you registered at the casino.

If they have locked your account in the mean time, thank them. So many players seem to play off their win because of such delays making them impatient, and end up with nothing.

Send the rep a summary of your problem, and they should get it Tuesday.

On Wednesday, contact the casino CS for a progress report on your documentation.


Sep 28, 2010
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What VWM said (welcome on board btw;)), there are many casinos that go through this rig-moral upon a withdrawal request (could open up a huge can of worms here by stating the blatantly obvious - why are documents not requested at the time of deposit?), but I won`t, when you have some spare time have a good look at some threads regarding trouble free casinos, I will give you a huge pointer here, type this into the forum search engine..... `32Red`.

I`ll leave the rest to you ;).


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Jun 5, 2006
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I seem to recall that way back when I first got my docs approved at Roxy, they were a little more thorough than some other casinos, they even called me at home to go over some stuff. Probably the fact that it's a holiday weekend slows things down too. Hang in there, I'm sure you'll get it sorted soon.


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Dec 17, 2004
Please send a Private Message

Dear Aestar24,

I am the Rep for Roxy Palace - please would you send me a Private Message here on Casino Meister and I will take a look at your concerns.
Unfortunately without any of your details, I can't respond to this thread.

Roxy Rep


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Sep 26, 2004
Hiya Roxy, There have been several complaints recently on Roxy attempting to stall payments and I had first-hand experience myself too. While you did have a stellar reputation previously I cant really believe they were all coincidences so maybe its time you got your act together before word goes around like wildfire.

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