Roxy Palace sign-up bonus problem


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Oct 12, 2006
I recently played at Roxy Palace and claimed their sign up bonus. This is a quote from their terms and conditions webpage

"you need to wager at least ($100 deposit + $100 bonus) x 9 = $1,800 before you can withdraw. Wagering on Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Sic Bo, Casino War, 3 Card Poker, Blackjack and all forms of Video Poker does not fulfill the wagering requirements of this bonus offer."

I wagered over $1800 on Cyberstud Poker, which is what Microgaming calls Caribbean Stud Poker. According to Roxy Palace, cyberstud poker is considered Video Poker. This makes no sense to me, since Video Poker games are all the various types of draw poker where you bet in coins. In the casino lobby all Video Pokers are separated into their own category, like they do with slot machines and table games. Cyberstud Poker is a table game, but for some reason they are telling me that it counts as video poker and therefore is not eligble for wagering on the bonus. Clearly this should not be the case, but is there anything I can do? Roxy Palace is listed here as an accredited casino, but this seems like a pretty shady thing for them to do.

I am surprised to hear of Roxy pulling this stunt. If this were the case, then they would have no need to specifically mention 3-card poker as well as all Video Poker.
If the intent was for the bonus to be slots only, why not say so!!
I am pretty sure that the Roxy bonus is slots only, and I played it this way when I joined.
If the terms are as you say, they should pay up as it is reasonable to consider Video Poker to mean the games under the Video Poker category heading, with Cyberstud being a form of TABLE poker, as is the 3-card variety that deserved a separate mention.
After they pay up, they should review the terms to ensure they are clear.
"Slots & Keno only" is easy to define in an MG casino, as only two game categories are allowed, and this would make things clear.

You could, of course, be under investigation and this is just a stalling tactic. This seems very common, with players getting bizarre excuses in reply to complaints about denied cash-outs, only for it to emerge that all along there was an investigation underway into a number of possibly connected accounts.
Had a similar problem with vegas poker (suprise suprise vegas poker group being bad payers). When casino war came out they didnt cahnge their terms to exclude it and I hit their signup bonuses with it. They were claiming it was a poker game for a while, but eventually backed down given it was a blatant lie. Stick with it I think you should win

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