"rountine maintance"


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Dec 11, 2007
I was playing in a nice casino, and got disconnected in the middle of a game session. Tried to re-login, no success. I contacted Live Help, and got this:

Chat Transcript
Rep: Thank you for contacting us, fleur. My name is Rep, how can I help?
Rep: good Morning Fleur
Fleur: Hello Rep
Fleur: I was playing in Casino few minutes ago, and got disconnected. I can't login since then - tried half dozen times
Fleur: Any idea what could be wrong? thanks
Rep: the casino is down for an hour and a half as from now due to maintance work
Fleur: I see... so it has nothing to do with my computer, thanks God ;)
Fleur: so it is like - unavailable?
Rep: no this is just rountine maintance should be up an running in an hour and a half Fleur
Fleur: NP. thanks
Rep: your very welcome

How normal is this "rountine maintance" - shouldn't it be announced in advance, so we players could plan our gaming time and strategies? Or I am being way too demanding?... ;)

P.S. When I was trying to login, there were no messages or alerts mentioning maintenance - just 'error' message, or 'can't establish connection' message. I thought my account might be blocked...
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Feb 18, 2008
Same prob with a mg casino last week in mid of game session. I got the boot said login failure. Then another msg stating check your settings. So finally i did get hold of live help down for maintenance. I wish they would tell you that as logging in as i did same started playing with my files thinking i lost another dll.