"Rounders" movie the basis for new mobile game


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Feb 22, 2001

"Rounders" is a top fave movie with many gamblers...now it could be on a cell phone near you.

When it comes to films about gambling, most players will include the cult movie "Rounders" on their list of all time greats about their passion. This week news emerged that a savvy Indian company is about to use it in a new mobile gambling offering.

"Rounders Poker" will give fans a chance to relive the movie in the role of lead character Mike, challenging the underground poker world in what promises to be an absorbing game.

Produced by Nazara Technologies in India, the game incorporates quotes and dialogue from "Rounders", with interaction with several other characters from the popular movie, including Teddy KGB.

Nazara has claimed that the production features stunning graphics; first-person action with three modes of game play; story-based mode with settings and characters based on the movie; cheat elements such as bottom dealing and signaling; innumerable opponents, each with its own avatar; multi-player options for up to seven players; customisable stakes, chat, invitations and buddy lists and facilities whereby players can create their own unique images in the game from a wide inventory of characters.

Nitish Mittersain, Nazara's CEO claims: "With 'Rounders Poker,' we believe we have a strong franchise that will not only appeal to the fans of the movie, but will also provide a captivating poker experience unlike anything that has ever been achieved before on the mobile platform."


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Sep 12, 2004
I love most poker/casino movies, but I really didn't like Rounders. Why? Worm. With friends like him, who needs enemies?? :what: I might buy the video game if I could kill Worm. (And I am not usually a violent person.)


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Oct 15, 2004
Toronto, Ontario - Canada
cheat elements such as bottom dealing and signaling; innumerable opponents,

And a really nifty Virtual Reality feature whereupon a large criminal type character shows up in the room and kneecaps you for cheating. LOL.... :D


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Jan 17, 2006
South Orange County

Getting your knees busted is part of the world of "Rounders", if your a 'Mechanic'. The lead character (Matt dammon) is not a mechanic and he depicts his objection to 'Worms' methods clearly, and cuts him off at first observation. The lead character explains the true nature of pure Poker and more specifically 'its Discipline'. Worm is doomed, and always is. But this is the way the real world always seems to be. He paid his friend's debts, and then he moved on from where he started (broke even). Not the best of life's scenarios but a winner non the less.

The best thing from the the movie (maybe to me) is the discipline of playing Poker the right way. The movie doesn't tell all, but it is a depiction good for all Poker players to observe.

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