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Mar 24, 2021
Dear all,

Hope everyone is doing fantastic and having a great Autumn so far! We have some fun and exciting news to share. First and foremost, we have entered more markets and will in the coming days also offer our games to players based in Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, and Italy!

Secondly, we have entered the ring with our punchiest slot to date - Rooftop Fight. This neon-tinged tribute to the classic arcade fighting games of the 1980s offers the chance to play as four exciting characters, each with its own unique feature that can be triggered to increase the chances of a win.

With the launch of this new game, we want to do something fun along with it! And we have listened to the community and will offer a more simple promotion this time around.

The first 50 people that trigger the bonus round and win more than 25x your bet will receive 25 free spins, wager free. Simple as that!

General T&C:
Time start: 20th of October 00:00 CET
Time ends: 24th Of October 23:59 CET
Free spins wager requirement: 0
Max amount of free spins to be won per person: 25
Game: Rooftop Fight!
RTP: 95.5%
Min bet: €0.30
Casino: Videoslots

Please share your print screens in this thread in order to win, and best of luck to you all! hope you enjoy this game as much as we do.

Best regards,
Lady Luck Games


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Dec 22, 2016
Canada - West Coast
Well, I decided to give it a go. It's kind of a weird little game. Not weird-bad, just different. I came out ahead. I changed my character several times to try them out. Bonused on the robot-thingy. Here are my screenshots of Bonus won ($15) and Total won ($16.95) on that $0.30 spin. Taking the spin total, it comes out to 56.5x won. It was entertaining!


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