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Sep 23, 2011
North Texas
Rome----Yes. Guilty.

My first experience at Rome was magical. That was last fall. Last fall ALL my play was magical. I could do no wrong--except for one very big mistake. I BELIVED I could do no wrong.

First Deposit, maybe $150 plus their $400 or so bonus. I hit slot after slot. I l cleared playthru. I even had a really nice guy on chat trying to encourage me to cash-in. I got the definite impression he had not seen this many times. I was up around $6000.

I cashed in. One thing about Rome . . . They don't hurry to pay ANYONE. They left that cash-in in pending for several days. And, for several days, I played VP & BJ, but one morning I hit their BJ game and wiped myself out.

My advice----------AVOID THEM. Unless you have psychological discipline that is truly beyond reproach, do not play there.You should be prepared (in the event of a win) to have your winnings dangled like the proverbial carrot on the string in front of the horse for up to 2 or more weeks. This is especially true of a "First Withdrawal."


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Jan 13, 2006
Rome doesn't even start to process withdrawals for atleast 7 days and if first withdrawal like mine was even longer. So don't expect to receive winnings quickly. Mine was even a payout to my quicktender account.

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