Roguish Roguish CasinoMeister


Banned User - flaming - multiple forum accounts
Dec 6, 2012
Unfortunate but true. Your beloved big brother - CasinoMeister has turned out to be a biG RoGUE. PBA submitted has been unfairly disposed and an earlier logon account banned from further posts.

-> PBA on for deliberate manipulations with self-exclusions/ deposit limit/ weekly loss limit measures. Lax responsible gambling measures to exploit problem gamblers, poor gaming statistics identified during period of continuous high amount deposits.

Clear case of fraud and deception is overlooked by Max/ Bryan/ Benjamin & Co at the behest of Intercasino,com

Time to raise my voice to the next level. PBA process is a SHAM!!!


Forum Cheermeister
Staff member
Jun 30, 1998
Your account was placed in the Quit Gambling user group since you have an issue with opening multiple accounts with casinos (Intercasino for one), and then blaming others for your non compliance to the rules.

We were doing you a favor by doing this; you still had access to the non-gambling sections of the forum. :what:

But wishing us to go to hell (via email) is just a babyish way of dealing with your own demons. Get a grip. Get a life. And quit blaming other people for your own misbehavior. In other words - grow the fuck up.