[ROGUE] Warning on Prism Casino-RTG!


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Mar 6, 2008
Hello. I am new to this site but I have been hoping to get to post something about my recent experience w/Prism. I have been a player there for a couple of years now and had never cashed out. I played for mere fun. Four and a half weeks ago while playing a hit a modest jackpot of $1500.00. That was nice, but the pain was in collecting my money. Oh my goodness. What it says in the withdraw information is that it takes 8 to 10 days to get approved for the withdrawl. It took 11 for me, although it takes 20 seconds for them to deduct money from my checking account. :eek2:
What it didn't say is that after that it takes another two weeks for them to actually get the money somewhere for you to collect it. Only one option and that is wiring. That would be ok, but when I would ask about my withdrawl I would get this automatic message stating that they had received the email and would respond within one day. Right! They went as far as to say that the whole casino would be offline for a whole day. :confused:
I did eventually get my money but it has taught me a valuable lesson. I will never again play there. I will get more information before playing anywhere. I did see that they are on the Rogue (Queen of Rogue) list. How sad.

Edward D. Wood

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Oct 30, 2007
Well, at least you got paid! Lucky You, lets do a search on this board - or in the internet and ask kindly how many of the so-called customers are still waiting for their money!!

1500$...woohooo..congrats mate!!!!:thumbsup:



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Jun 30, 1998
So you played there for two years and never bothered to Google "Prism Casino Problems"?

You need to take a more active role in deciding who gets your business. These guys are scammers. You're lucky you were paid - there are many many other players who have not been as fortunate.


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Sep 26, 2004
They were hoping you would play with them for at least 5 more years so they paid you. Anyway, I would guess that you lost much more than $1500.

If you fancy RTG software, Inetbet and Club World casinos are the ones to patronise. You win ,they pay and pretty quick too. No hassles.


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Feb 25, 2008

How long did it take for you to finally get your money from them? I'm in the process of a lonnnnnnnnnng wait for my winnings from one of the ''queen of rogue'' casino's as we speak. (another one who should have done their homework first) Approval was 7 days (reasonable) , but then they said my status was in ''pending'' (for 3 weeks) , now they say it's ''complete'', but now i'm on a ''waiting list'' and it's ''just a matter of time''. This will be the first time I've cashed out anywhere. I told them, in my opinion, a status isn't considered ''complete'' until I've actually collected my money. Once I receive this withdrawal, my online gambling days are over..... I'm familiar with the run around, but seeing your post that you actually DID receive your payment gave me a glimpse of hope maybe I will too.