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[ROGUE] VIP Lounge Free Chip problem - deposit $25 in between freechips! (Supposedly)

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Non-Bonus Issues' started by Corey1972, May 5, 2008.

    May 5, 2008
  1. Corey1972

    Corey1972 Dormant account

    poker player
    Cedar Hill, TX
    I had done the sign up bonus for VIP Lounge a long time ago. I noticed in my email one day they keep sending me bonus reload offers, and some of the emails have freechips.

    So anyways, I had gotten a $50 free chip and cashed it out for $100, only after faxing my identity documentation to VIP Lounge. I made sure to deposit a little money before this $50 free chip to satisfy the terms. I deposited $10 and won on slots, and cashed out at $58. VIP Lounge did pay me the $58 and then the $100 on the first free chip.

    But I keep getting emails from them, not all of them, but some, have free chips. Here's the second free chip offer from April 8, 2008, which says the following in the email:

    Note that there isn't really a link in the email that you can click on which gives more information on this promotion. I take the promotion as it is. I deposited $5 and blew it. (The minimum deposit was $1 via Quicktender, but I didn't do the absolute minimum deposit). Then I redeemed the $75 free chip. Lo and behold, I get lucky on Blackjack, and finish all the wagering requirements, cashing out at $150. Note that the promo does not say how much to deposit.

    Then after about 12 business days I call back, (you can only call between 7AM and 4PM on these types of issues, or else they'll give you an excuse that the withdrawal department is closed), and they tell me the withdrawal department refused my withdrawal. The name of this customer service representative was Brad Thompson, by the way. He said I deposited too little money in between the freechips. I said, how much did I need to deposit? He said if I had deposited $25, it would have been OK to win a second time and there would have been no problems. He told me the minimum deposit was $25. (Maybe he is referring to another deposit method than Quicktender). I complained that the minimum deposit for Quicktender was $1, and I deposited $5, which was over the minimum. He said that $5 wasn't "real money". I asked him, what would have happened if I had deposited $1? He said they would have immediately closed my account!

    I complained that, I'm good at blackjack, and it isn't my fault that you keep sending me freechips to play with! Then Brad said, "what was your plan, wait for freechips, play the freechips, make a small deposit, and keep trying to win?" I said, "Yes, why not?" It's not like you have to be a genius gambler to figure that strategy out! After much argument, he told me that I am NOT WELCOME at their casino! A couple of days later I try to login and I see that VIP Lounge has locked my account.

    I've already sent a message to the VIP Lounge moderator here on CasinoMeister. No reply yet.

    Then today I get a new email from VIP Lounge - another reload bonus email. I complain in a chat session about being spammed:

    Notice how he tried to twist my words, and accused me of trying to open up multiple accounts, simply because I had used the word "both" in my description of the problem (Which I assure you, I did not do!)!!! This is really bad behavior for a casino. I realize VIP Lounge is already on the rogues list, but since I only risked about $15, it wasn't a big deal to try and win on a freechip. Even the most retarted casino gambler could figure out this freechip strategy.

    Also, note the blatant lie in almost every single email VIP Lounge sends out -
    This clearly contradicts their software, which, although I can't login and see it anymore, I clearly remember it saying you had to wait 5 to 10 BUSINESS DAYS to be paid. Not only that, but my first cashouts of $58 and $100 took over 2 weeks to get into my Quicktender account. So the casino lies constantly it seems!
  2. May 5, 2008
  3. bb28

    bb28 Meister Member

    Customer Service
    First let me say I'm not taking sides with VIP lounge, aren't they in rogueville?
    However I do have to say this Corey.....I don't see why you would think that you would get any better than what you got. Clearly you played and deposited in such a way that you risked almost nothing. No reputable casino is going to let you get away with what you have done and the way in which you did it, why would you think that any casino should? :rolleyes:

    Also everyone knows they spam you with offers of free chips, so I don't know why you think you are special.....just let them go to you trash folder and be done with it. The trash folder is where they belong. :cool:
  4. May 5, 2008
  5. maxd

    maxd Complaints (PAB) Manager Staff Member

    The PAB Guy
    As guessed, yes they are in the Rogue Pit, part of the group awarded "Worst Casino Group 2007" in fact.
  6. May 6, 2008
  7. Corey1972

    Corey1972 Dormant account

    poker player
    Cedar Hill, TX
    Well, I lost $200 on the initial sign up bonus, but I did get paid for the first free chip, which I did win. I feel pretty happy about that. So I figured to keep on trying. Why not push my luck with this casino, as there are so many?

    Also, I felt that I could help somebody else exploit their multiple free chip offers. Since they are obviously rogues, it gives me shcaedenfreude (sp?) if someone else can win. Let's see if someone else deposits $25 in between and gets away with it. I'm still pretty sure that even if I had deposited $25, they wouldn't have paid me. That was just a lame excuse. Let's see if someone else can test that.
  8. May 9, 2008
  9. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    It won't work. This is a DELIBERATE trap set by them. They KNOW this offer is full of holes and easy to exploit, so they KNOW at what point to pay up, and at what point to pull the plug. Had you deposited $25 instead of $5, and got ahead overall, they would have simply plucked another rule out of the air, such as "the intervening deposit must be at least as much as the free chip claimed before it, and as you only deposited $25 your withdrawal was refused". NOT having any specifics as to what constitutes a deposit of "real money" allows them to pull a non-payment stunt on a whim.
    A REPUTABLE casino would have the same kind of rule, but they would state exactly what they meant by an intervening deposit, and they would expect an amount similar to the size of free chips generally offered, so if $50 was generally the size of free chip, a fair deposit would be $50.

    Although there are many ways to advantage play the kinds of colossal bonuses offered by the "Queen of Rogue City", you have to trust that you get paid, and it seems that losers overall have no problem getting paid (so that they deposit again), but as soon as you are ahead overall, you will run into every excuse in the book for not paying.
    The fact that their offers are just SO ABUSABLE and FREQUENT, yet they are still in business, shows just how widespread their rogue behaviour is.

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