Rock Bottom from Nolimit City

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Feb 15, 2019
Judging by some of their recent slot themes such as those seen on Serial and Mental, there are a few people at No Limit that need their hard-drives checked.
nolimit city extra bet is going up and up on every new game, looks like they hit Rock Bottom they trying to profit from Xtra bet,
Pearl Harbor new game from Nolimit they charge double for Xtra bet
chances to win are very slim
xBet – Two level version
xBet w. +50%: The chance to go into FS is 4x as likely, SFS is doubled.
xBet w. +100%: The chance to go into FS is 4x (slightly easier), but the chance to reach SFS is 20x more likely!

1 in 150M from main game, and is 1 in 72M with xBet +50% and 1 in 13M with xBet +100%
From FS: 1 in 2.5M
From SFS: 1 in 8500

on 96% RTP


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