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Nov 1, 2005
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I received an email from Rochesters Casino offering a ridiculous 500% deposit match bonus, plus they even offered to pay the Western Union fee if I chose to make my deposit that way. I sent them $85 and my account was credited with $525 and it took me the better part of a day to lose it all. Several days later I sent them another $85. Only this time I hit a royal flush w/ max coins bet on video poker. It was only at this point that I began to consider the many red flags raised by various details about the casino, such as the ridiculously large deposit match bonus, the very confusing wagering requirements, the overall Mickey Mouse feel of their website, etc. So, I did a Google search for Rochesters Casino, and of the numerous returned hits, there were only a few that were actually related to the online casino, and almost all of those were links to the Casinomeister website and the story of mothergoosebump's experience with Rochesters Casino. That definitely muted my excitement from hitting the royal flush, until I hit another one. I was a couple days short from meeting their unusual requirement that funds must remain in the account for a week before being withdrawn (despite the fact that they advertise withdrawal requests are processed within 12 hours), but I initiated that process so that everything would be ready by the time I'd met their requirements. My interactions with several different casino staff did nothing to reassure me that I was going to get any of my winnings from them. I gambled while I awaited my payout request to be "processed" and my balance dwindled from ~$13,000 to $4,000 or $5,000. The whole time the fact weighed heavy in my mind that the only information I could find about the casino was negative information. It barely lifted my spirits any when I hit yet a third royal flush within 4 days. I didn't even bother taking a picture like I had with the first 2 (available). By this point, Ron from payouts had emailed me an ID verification form and 4 essay type questions with the note: "All questions must be answered; any misleading information or false information might result in the voidance of your payout." The questions were unusual: 1) Have you been banned from a casino? Please explain. 2) Have you been involved in any kind of issue with a casino? Explain. 3) Do you consider yourself an advanced player? Explain. 4) Are (you) considered a high roller at any other casino? Explain.

Anyway, I answered the questions & completed the ID verification, but still had a suspicious feeling they were just delaying my payout until they could find an excuse to deny it altogether. So I continued to gamble while awaiting my payout (or not), partially in hopes of hitting a 4th royal flush, and partially with a suspicion that I wasn't going to get paid my winnings anyway so it didn't matter much if I lost them. I lost them. However, one of my payout requests (for $1000) had gotten "processed" before I had a chance to blow it, and last Monday afternoon I had $1000 waiting for me at Western Union.

I honestly don't know if they would have paid out a greater amount. They certainly had the opportunity to and did not even though I had requested it and the funds were in my account (at least when I made the request). On the other hand, technically when I had made the payout requests I still had not met their 1 week requirement. My "rollover" requirement was $15,750 (30 * deposit + bonus + reimbursed Western Union fee). I managed to get a summary of my rollover after the first royal flush, but between the 1st and second one I had played a tremendous number of hands, which Im pretty sure boosted my total wagering well into several hundreds of thousands, if not over a million (yikes!). However, despite 4 requests for updated summaries of my wagering, and being assured 3 times that the report would be emailed to me within 20 minutes, I never did get a second summary of my total wagering.

I realize Ive rambled quite a bit in this post so Ill cut it short, but I want to summarize my point (or at least the point I had intended to make): During the time between winning several thousand dollars at Rochester Casino and getting a payout from them, the only info I could find about the casino was negative (and the source of most of that info was the Casinomeister website). Being very un-reassured that I would get paid my winnings, I made wagering decisions more recklessly than I might have otherwise, and I achieved the expected result of losing most of my earlier winnings. Please understand I am not at all implying Casinomeister or anyone beside myself is responsible for that happening. Im even pretty sure that if the decision had somehow been made collectively by the Casinomeister community regarding what sort of account activity there should have been, if any, while awaiting my payout (or a refusal to payout), that I would have probably wound up with a much larger payout. I guess I just wanted to post for the record that they did pay out at least one of their customers.[/rambling]
The thing that strikes me is that those rather "unusual" questions were only posed when you went to cashout. Supposing you had said you were an "advanced player"? What would have happened then?

The whole reason for saying you must leave your money in your account for one week is also blatantly obvious.

Those two things alone, aside from the previous negativity, would put me off ever going near there. They are not breaking any laws i'm aware of, but I'm sure some here would question the integrity of those "business decisions". Good for the business, perhaps not for the customer. Surely stuff like that doesn't encourage repeat business? Would you play there again AA?

Unfortunately, it's all reminiscent of the common "feature" called "Reverse Withdrawal". Despite a poll here showing over 90% of players didn't like it or felt it was more of a trap than a help, lots of casinos still set 12 hour plus RW times and refuse to flush cashouts. The normal pretext being it causes too much extra work, the real reason needing no explanation.

I don't play any casino who won't reduce my RW time or flush on request. Kudos to those who do. Leaving your money in there for a week?! Worse than Playtech's default time that is.



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