Rochester Casino Experiences???

I spoke to live chat. Said their provider is ATS out of Italy. Also said payouts to Neteller are within 24hrs.

I do not recognize the software provider ATS. Maybe Jetset knows who they are.

Are based in Costa Rica.
Okay, rollin' up my sleeves:
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Tecnologias Informaticas del Milenio (AMNQIABWND)
7300 NW 11th Ct
Plantation, FL 33313

Tecnologias Informaticas del Milenio is the registrant - Google search leads to nothing so it must be either a dinky company without a website or a made up name.

Google search yields this on "7300 NW 11th Ct"

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Mac Assemblies
7300 NW 11th CT
Plantation, FL 33313

Mac Assemblies??? Red flag number 1, and I haven't even checked out the website yet.

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ROCHESTER CASINO is a fully licensed Online Casino under the supervision of the Offshore Gaming Association. Rochester Casino is nestled in the heart of San Jose Costa Rica, the Mecca of international Gambling.
The Offshore Gaming Association is a sportsbook portal. I don't think they really supervise anything - they do claim to be a watchdog site which is fine, but this casino isn't even listed their as one of their "approved casinos". Looks like bogus ad copy to me. Red Flag number two.

....Mecca of international Gambling This was a term used by the now defunct (and problematic casino logoncasino) "Our headquarters are located in Heredia, Costa Rica , the Mecca of by-the-book online gambling, and gaming in general".

I don't like the mecca thing - sounds a bit dodgy to me. Red Flag number three.

Our software was developed and is maintained by A.S.T. Gaming Solutions, one of the leaders online gaming software companies.

Who?? Red flag number four.

These are enough red flags to warrant avoidance of this place.
:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy

Thanks Bryan. You are a beacon of light on a stormy online casino sea :) Thanks a bunch.

P.S. Never heard back from you regarding that CA BJ tourney incident. I went ahead with it and it came out well in my favor, but still curious your feelings on such an issue.
Rochester refuses to pay my winnings

Thatchatch, so far Rochester has not been cooperating at all.

I have decided to make my (horrible) experience public.

I will post all the details soon in the Online Casino Complaints section.

I have also posted about it on the Winner Online forum.

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