RNG's - This needs to be addressed

Thanks, Caruso

Thank you for your respectful answer. I guess that I have now entered into the area within which I am in way over my head, so I'll just do my best to follow along!

I almost didn't even get involved in this discussion because it's pretty plain to me that at least a couple of you know far more about the math involved than I ever will...I didn't want to ask a stupid question.

The tact and patience that you showed in your answer speaks volumes about your character. Those who are disrespectful to and therefore run off other posters only weaken the forums that they frequent.

Thanks to all of you who have shed light on a subject that I guess I've missed out on over the years.
kmartinusa said:
Thanks to all of you who have shed light on a subject that I guess I've missed out on over the years.
Thanks for inspiring me enough to vent my views.

Also, I think Casinomeister runs a pretty good board here. I'm pretty sure that if you asked a 'stupid question' around here, you would be defended if anyone tried to jump on you. Heck, if it weren't for stupid questions and the internet, I'm not sure I'd know much at all myself.

Besides, are there really any stupid questions? Well....except for: "You're pregnant? How'd that happen?"
mugwump, i agree with most of your initial post, but my own personal opinion is that it is a mixture of the 2 ways people are arguing over how hands are generated.

my belief is that cards for the games are randomly generated and the game plays like it does in a casino, but however if there has been a large win somewhere, i.e a high roller on a BJ table or a royal flush on VP, the house edge on the software is changed till the casino the recoups its losses, Hence the infamous switch, however if the casino only done it this way i.e. have the switch on when the house is down, then this would show in their payout reports as the house % would be shown to be higher than should be expected as the switch would only work in the casinos favour, so i believe that when the casinos coffers have built up too much,i.e. no one has hit a royal for a while or a high roller has had a bad session, the infamous switch then comes into play again but in the players favour, hence the overall percentage reports would be what is expected.

why would the casinos do this, simple as someone has already mentioned, this is the casinos liability control, or in other words, this makes running an online casino 100% risk free, where as landbased casino does run the chance of taking a large hit and having profits less than should be expected and even the chance of going bankrupt because as someone has already said these places dont have anywhere near the turnover that some of us think they have.

can it be exploted, yes it can, for example if your playing more than one casino in a group, an idea to do is set up a few accounts, have all of these accounts up and running (for some software you will have to use more than one computer), play all your money on one hand of BJ, if it loses, then immediatly play a big hand on the other computer, as in theory the house edge should have turned your way, if you win the first hand then dont play the other hand, wait a few hours till the others players at the casino have paid for your winnings.

i have tested this since the beginning of this year, and although i dont have a large enough sample yet to prove my theory, i will say the results so far have encouraging and ahem! profitable :)

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