Rizk Casino - I'm all in favour of responsible gambling but........


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Nov 16, 2018
I have just had the most bizarre pop up on Rizk.

Deposited £80 and have played about 10 games - all on min stake so between 10p and 25p Low point of £40 back up to the mid £60's and just hit a 216x bonus on some Inspired exclusive - Fruity Bonus. So good evening TBH.

After it paid the £54 quid - i got a pop up - along the lines of we have noticed that you have placed a substantially larger bet than normal (err.... i Haven't) and ewanted to be sure you are ok - please click I am in control to continue. It also had links to their safer gambling pages.

I actually LOVE and fully applaud this idea - but i have been min betting all night so very bizarre. I was actually panicked that I had clicked MAX bet or something in error and had spunked away anywhere between £25 and £100 on one spin - I havent (fortunately)

Great idea - but unbelievably poorly executed - it looks like my X win multiplier triggered the warning.

Odd - very odd


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May 6, 2019
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To be honest, I find all these pop ups infuriating and completely overboard. Wouldn't mind so much if they were executed properly- but they never are. One some sites they pop up and then cause an error in the game (like when playing Prag on Ladbrokes). Fed up with the constant ramming of RG down our throats to be perfectly honest.

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