Your Input Please Rizk casino experience after a month


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Aug 27, 2008
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This has to be one of the most intrusive and biggest pile of bullshite ever sent to a player! How fukking ridiculous questioning why you are playing after midnight - very insulting! Tell them to go do one. Supply them with zero and close the account at Rizk!

Never played at this place again since they gave me a run around on an 800 quid withdraw. I was forced then to supply documents (sow) and decided never to supply another SOW document ever. AllBritish casino requested documents last month - account closed - jog on. Rizk are as bad as they come now and so this thread sadly does not surprise me.


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Apr 3, 2021
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So I opened an account at Rizk, purely due to the fact I thought 21Casino had reduced their RTPs (It turned out they hadn't it was an error)

Anyway made a few modest deposits, played slots several evenings, had a nice couple of wins and after the month I am ahead by £365, and £58 still in the balance.

I have provided my ID and verification, did that before my 1st deposit.

However, I have been given a monthly loss limit of £130, which I asked to be increased a week back, no reply.

And as of yesterday, because I had the audacity to play for 3 hrs 17 mins, and after midnight and apparently at "high stakes" my account is locked.

For the record my highest bet since I opened my account is 60p.

Anyway, if this sums up online gaming in 2021, its in a very sad place. View attachment 153023 View attachment 153024

I mean you're ahead by £365. That's not supposed to happen, so something must be clearly wrong. They seem to be blaming your wins on the fact that you're playing after midnight. Everyone knows that playing after midnight is like bonus abuse. It's a big no-no, beacuse you just can't lose after midnight. :p