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Jun 21, 2006
Riverbelle has a PROMPT PAYOUTS GUARANTEED seal on their home page, along with the statement "known players paid in 24 hours or less". Total BS!

Cashed out Wednesday evening. Became a work in progress early Friday morning. Figured it would be in my QT account. Not there. Called Riverbelle and was told I wouldn't get it for 5 to 7 business days.

Amazing. Riverbelle money transfers on line take 7 business days. INETBET does the same thing in 2 hours.


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Jun 4, 2008
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Disappointed at Riverbelle

I wanted to say that I am disappointed with Riverbelle for the first time since I have been playing at the casino in over ten years. They have changed their platform on withdrawal policies and payouts. I had received a bonus there a few days ago regarding me coming back and playing with them (it had been awhile since all of the MG situation here in the USA) and I took the bonus after depositing and there was a 20x playthrough on the bonus and the deposit. Although this was somewhat different than it use to be (before you could deposit with a bonus but if you chased out the bonus would be removed and you got the balance); but anyway I thought ok...I will play and just see what happens. Well, I finally made the playthrough and was able to cash out. In the past, the withdrawal stayed in a reversal area for 24 hours, however, now it is in the reversal section for 72 hours. Not only that, when I called and asked for it to be flushed, they said they could not longer do that. Also, I was informed that after the 72 hour waiting period it would be another 24 to 48 hours before it would hit my Quicktender account.

I spoke with Ashton (I think that is his name) as to why this was happening like this and he said it was because players would withdraw and there were fees that Quicktender applied to them, and then the customer would turn around and redeposit and start the process all over again. I explained to him that this should be the "players" choice and not the casino. I also told him as a player that uses Quicktender that once it is in QT, if I transfer it to my bank account that I am the one that pays a $30.00 fee. I told him that the casino needs to be honest just a little and just admit that the reason why it is being held longer is so that hopefully the player will be tempted and reverse it back.

I went on to tell him that this is what has made me change my playing pattern. I explained to him that I play almost every night and that instead of reversing the cash out I would simply play at another casino. I also explained that this technique may work with some players (and I have been one of those players) but that now I will play elsewhere until my withdrawal is complete and instead of Riverbelle getting the money it will be another casino group. After the transaction is complete I will come back to Riverbelle. I was asked to send an email with this intent because he said that he is hearing the same thing from other players.

Riverbelle has always been a great casino. I put a winning screenshot on CM the other night and I still had over a $3500 playthrough to go. The platform that they use to use was so great and different, that taking a bonus was not a "dread" as it is in the RTG or Rivals. However, now with the 72 hour reverse withdrawal policy this makes me question what is happening with this casino. I hope we won't see a pattern that has become apparent with other casino groups. But there is no reason for a 72 hour reverse withdrawal period, except for the reason of hoping you will reverse your money and spend it all. I really hate to have this "brand" now linked with Riverbelle. :(


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Mar 13, 2008
I used to play at Riverbelle, and I guess they migrated the US to a new platform.

I get mail weekly or more often.... it's not spam, I've never unsubscribed. I think I made one deposit a year or so ago to take a we miss you bonus. No cashout. I never had many, but they were quick enough.

Maybe the rep here can comment? Is the policy the same for the non-US version? And do you represent the US version of Riverbelle as well?

I'm not sure that I would send an email committing to redepositing if they pay quicker. But you can explain that you would like the potential to do so, and that you will not be making another deposit unless they at least flush upon request.

I know that when I get my cashouts, the casino that pays the quickest usually gets my first deposit, and the one I just won at gets one too. Sometimes they are the same casino.

I'll alert the rep to this thread.


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Feb 14, 2007
Is it Just me or Cobus has posted Thousands of winning Screenies or GREAT Jokes? lol...

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Jun 30, 1998
Is it Just me or Cobus has posted Thousands of winning Screenies or GREAT Jokes? lol...
That happens sometimes - just a glitch that keeps us busy.


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Aug 17, 2009
Cape Town - South Africa
Hi Jasminebed,

I mentioned this in a previous posting, but thought I should mention it again:

I'm not officially the rep for Belle Rock Entertainment, however I am the affiliate manager for Referback (the affiliate program for the casinos).
If you have any queries you are more than welcome to send me a PM and I will look into it for you or get the casino to resolve it for us.

As far as I know, nothing has changed for US players with regards to cash-outs.


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