on the 16th of october, we purchased $25 of credits from the riverbelle.of course, we quickly lost it. we moved on to another casino. at the end of the day, we went back and checked the purchase page on riverbelle web site. we found our original purchase and four addional $25 purchases, complete with procyber transaction numbers. we the checked the play transactions. of course there were none. we emailed the `belle and proccyber about this. since then, our account is locked out while they "investigate". initially, we got several different responses from both sites. since then, nothing. i have emailed several times asking for updates. no response. of course they went ahead and deducted the $100 from our checking account with no proof we had played this money.we have played the `belle alot in the past, but never again with this kind of treatment and theft. geithmant@aol.com
Dear All,

I was contacted by the Senior Customer Service Representative of Riverbelle and it seems that the matter was cleared up. The purchases that were made happened before and after midnight in a different time zone than the casino, thus causing mayhem and confusion.

on the slot game lotsaloot is pay scale as shown on screen exm. three 7s pays 80.00 1 lotsaloot should pay 2x, but only pays 1x; two lotaloot on one line should pay 3x but only pays 2x.
please send me an explanation.

thank you
karen west
I would think this has already been responded to many times but as I don't see a response I will bite. The payout schedule says 80, not $80. That is 80 credits and a .50 per payline machine which is $40. One Lotsaloot doubles that to $80 and 2 lotsaloot symbols quadruples that to $160. Only the Jackpot.... 3 lotsaloot symbols on the 5th payline is indicated by the $'s.
I have also played the lotsaloot game and seen the same thing.
People think that the "80" or "40" on the payout table is in $.
Nowhere does it say Dollars, but people still assume so.
I think quite a few people should pay close attention to detail before lashing out with a complaint.
Anyway just what I think.

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