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Aug 17, 2001
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I really did not want to post anything regarding this issue because we are talking about chump change here; the vast sum of $120.00 which I have been waiting to show up in my paypal account since the week of December 17th. But, now I'm aggravated!!!!!(grrrrrrr). Here is the email I sent off to admin@proccyber today January 10th 2002. If someone from Riverbelle PR is reading this, I would sure appreciate a response.
On December 17th, 2001, I received an e-mail confirming that $120 would be
posted to my paypal account in 48-72 hours.
I waited until the end of that week and checked and it was not there.
I contacted Customer Service via e-mail and was told that it had been "sent
to operations for investigation" and I was asked to wait again.
I waited again, (not in there) contacted Customer Service and was told that my query had
been "sent to operations for investigation" and was asked to wait until
after the New Year to contact you all again.
I checked today, January 10th and it is not there.
It is now January 10th, 2002 and this money still has not been credited to my account.
I have heard nothing from operations
I have been very patient.
I have all my e-mail correspondence
I would really like to have this $120 in Paypal
Here is my information again:
Note: for the purposes of this post I sure am not going to put all my personal information here.

<, <, Name: XXXXXXXX
<, <, Account #: XXXXXXXXX
<, <, Cashout amount: $202
<, <, $ received: $ 82 (check received and thank you)
<, <, $ missing: $120.00 (Paypal)
Update: Jerry Garner (CasinoNow aka gamingbroadcast.com) is working with me on this issue. He gallantly volunteered to help via my post on Winneronline. I will update this when more information is available.
Hey Dalzilla,

I hope this works out well for you.
Jerry is a "Good Guy".

Since you already are aware of my
thoughts about Proccyber, hopefully
you will limit your future dealings
to casino's that utilize an e-cash
processor that can actually "process"
a transaction in a professional manner. :rolleyes:
Hi all! As I posted both here and on WinnerOnline, I wanted to make sure that I updated this site as to status of this insted of leaving it as an open item. (Just leave it as a semi-open item.........

Edited version of WOL post: ...I've been contacted with what appears to be resolution to the issue; Should be getting a check for the MIA $120 and a make-up deposit in Riverbelle. Shall update this site when things are brought to a close.
Two weeks ago I played a $10 no purchase promo at one of the Proc Cyber sites. Turned it into approx $100 and cashed out. When I called thier toll free # to inquire about the cashin they were very friendly but totally clueless. Emails at admin@proccyber.com took 3 days to get a response.

Nevertheless, I filled out the cashout screen on the www.proccyber.com website, and got my check in hand after 10 days (USA). I noticed thier checks are now professionally printed as opposed to the old hand written ones I used to receive. Drawn on Bank of America in Las Vegas.
I made the mistake of filling out the form to have my cash-outs put back into my bank account, It has been such a frustrating experience'.I called them and got a nice lady who as much as told me that if I didn't send them all the verification they wanted, I would not get my money. what did you have to do to have them send you a check? also I had another problem with them, I am sure my account was double charged, one withdrawl an hour after the first, I know I didn't make that one, but that is another problem, one that I don't want to tackle until the deposit thing is settled. I did talk to them about it and they said it didn't happen. I really just want to be done with them''''

If you inquire more than once, or e-mail them
in regards to the double charge, Proccyber will
lock all your accounts at every casino they do
the processing for.

Then, they will ignore you.

Proccyber has no clue how to run a processing
company. And they show no indication of trying
to learn or improve anything.

Business as usual, when Proccyber is involved. :mad:
Hi Merri,

If you send me specific details (account number, specific problem, etc.), I'll contact Proccyber and have them take care of it.

thank you for the replies, today I got an e-mail from a customer service manager with proc-cyber, she is (hopefully truthful) that my claim is being given priorty''' and I should get my winnings promply ( we will see). I will let you know what happens...they are going to wave my driver's license as, I guess it was never good enough''''thank you...thank you....merri

When you deal with Proccyber, and there is "any"
type of problem, "priority" means that each
customer service rep passes it along to another
rep, until it goes "full circle" around the room.

Kinda like Musical chairs.

And each time you speak to one of the reps
about this, you will have to explain the whole
thing again, as they won't have a clue as to what
you're talking about.

Then you will start getting the old "accounting
is closed today, as it's a holiday here",
"the computer system is down", "I will personally
bring this to the attention of the appropriate
department", and on and on and on....

This is Proccybers usual method of operation.

Proccyber... Incompetent, Clueless, and has been
that way for 3 years running.

Proccyber's new "motto".....

Proccyber... "Striving to reach a higher level
of mediocrity" :uhoh:
finally got the deposit, but what a pain, I wonder if they are telling the truth and the next cash out would be a 'smooth move"...I might not be lucky enough to win again so will never know''''love merri :kiss: thank you all again for all the support''''

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