Riverbelle phone spamming scumbags, avoid at all costs.


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Jan 14, 2010
In the wind
Decided to give Riverbelle a try, and what a mistake!

Since I stopped playing there they have been calling me every damn day or two, if I block the number in my phone they just call with another. I have tried the polite approach numerous times "Sorry I'm not interested, please stop calling me", the more aggressive approach numerous times "Stop calling me! I will never play there again." To which the bitch on the phone informs me "I can't stop the calls". The uber aggressive response yelling into the phone "F*** off and close my account!" then hanging up. Ignoring the calls, then placing on the block list.

Nothing has worked, they just keep calling.

I did a little research and the numbers are all from Primus so I filed a complaint with them, we'll see if anything comes of it but I doubt it.

Is there a casino rep for these [email protected] here? One more call from these scumbags and I will make time to make their life totally miserable, reporting you to every agency I can think of, and a few more things you probably won't like.


Hope everyone is winning!