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I thought that subject line would get your attention. Unfortunately, it's true.

In June I requested a $70 cash in at Riverbelle. After a few months, I had not received a thing from them. I noticed a topic about Riverbelle posted at winneronline.com, so I put in my two cents about their lack of payment.

Apparently, their staff saw the note posted there, because within a couple of days they contacted me in an attempt to explain the error. They said that I could update my information and request the cash in again, which I did.

Funny how I updated the address when I did this, but they still mailed the payment to my old address. By the time they got around to mailing it and the post office forwarding it, it was December by the time I actually received it.

Now, as if taking 6 months to receive a $70 payment isn't bad enough, the check actually bounced when my bank processed it. It wasn't because of lack of funds, it was because the account number on the check is invalid. hmmmm. I wonder if PCS deliberately paid with a fraudulant check?

So, now not only am I out the $70, but I am also charged a fee from my bank for the check bouncing. Avoid any PCS site like that plague.

Jerry Garner
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I got 5 checks from PCS - 3 of them was from PCS and 2 from some bank in Lebanon. But the checks was mailed in time.

Oleg, webmaster
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