sylvie lange

I was astonished to find when checking my statement at the Riverbelle that all my cash-ins
were indicated as "work in progress", event the refunds I cashed-in in February! Let me know what your experiences are.

They also have this automated response which is very annoying and take a long, long time to reply to emails. It's no longer the casino it used to be that's for sure.

I think something should be done on the internet to discredit this casino if they continue this poor service to customers.

sylvie from Canada
If you have a problem with River Belle, you should try dealing directly with Proc-Cyber, who manage their e-cash business.

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Their phone number for is Canada 1-888-515-8518

So far they have answered all my questions and inquiries promptly and efficiently. In truth I don't like much the way they only sporadically confirm cashins and not always keep you informed on how the cashins were processed (which is annoying when you use more than one credit card and they distribute the cashin money though an unpredictable combination of card refunds and checks to pay you). That's why I call them whenever I have a doubt or worry.

Normally, they should be able to answer all you money questions - which in my experience covers at least 90% of problems you can have with an online casino.
Pro Cyber? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Those jerks would not know their ass from a hole in the ground.

Pro Cyber... Now that is funny... OH yeah their security is so tight, they do not know if they are comming or going. Ha ha
To the hilarious guy above :

I never said they had good security but I DID mention they are indeed often confused and/or confusing.

My point was just that they are often of better help than the casinos themselves. I mentioned Proc-Cyber in the hope of helping Sylvie deal with River Belle.
The River Belle, (the captain used to post here but decided to jump overboard) Now they lie about what other casino's they own.

And procyber (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) I just cannot believe that mastercard and visa actually let those asswipes represent them.

I could write a book about procyber and the fraud department. Fraud department? ha ha ha ha ha

There is Debbie, Vince and Mr. Baard who is in charge. Ha Ha ha Ha Ha.

Ok, the men in white coats are now coming to take me away. But this procyber stuff is really funny.

Confusing? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Those people are as full of crap as a whale without an butthole. ha ha ha ha ha ha

If you would like to see more about procyber please visit
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go to message boards. I have a whole section dedicated to procyber and the fraud department.
Oh my heck, Steve...still promoting your site here. Have you no shame?? Ha! Well, don't forget to plug your casino...oh, and yes...your book. your site was okay about procyber, the rest of it leaves one a little concerned.
Concerned Yes, They have thrown me out. I have to come here to hide. More intelligent people here. Ha Ha
Well since you asked. The very best online casino can be found at Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

I do think that people that come here to spam for other sites should be shot.

Q: Did you hear about the Instant lotto game in India?

A: You scratch the card and if the dot on the card matches
the one on your head you win a convenience store in the US.
You are right, Steve. There are more intelligent people here at Bryans place. So why do you keep lurking around the chat room?

VegasCasinoOnline - - - realtime gaming...good stuff!!
I swear I have never ever seen anyone in that chatroom. I think that is Bryans Practical Joke on us.

Thanks for the link Bryan and the plug in the newsletter.
Actually the chatroom works. I've had a few nice chats with Jeablue and others (where is she anyway), but since I moved to Europe I don't run into people there anymore. Time difference I suppose.

I complained about Riverbelle and my cash-ins about a week ago. Well, I have to say that the captain and his team as well as the folks at Proc-cyber followed up on my enquiries and credited all my cash-ins. I agree that their banking system should have confirmation of refunds by email but at least I did get a good response from them.

sylvie lange
I am surprised Mr FunnyGuy above has not replied to this last message by Sylvie.
i think they stink took a paypal payment
and never credited it which would have
gave me enough money to be eligible
for a 35.00 bonus and they didnt give
me my signon bonus claimed i wasnt
eligable i received the run around
from proc plus riverbelle and I was
sorry i fell for their offer in the
first place they lied and coned me into
playing and spending money i would not
have if i knew i wouldnt get the bonus.

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