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Sep 22, 2004
Woman lives in London
** Hey guys. I have been wondering... does any of actually use the Chat function on the system? I have been playing for a few days... say hello when I enter, and g'buy when I leave... but nobody seems to answer. I came to the conclusion that maybe it is because everyone is on autoplay (i don't like auto ...hehehe, too much of a junkie!) I am also wondering if the casino can give you the option to not display the hands on the slots... it really will make chatting difficult when someone actually says 'hi' back... as it will scroll off in 6 seconds! (yeah, I counted it ok! hehehe)
i am wondering then.. if nobody uses the chat function (or chat to strangers - hehehe) what is the purpose then of the MP casino? BTW: My network name is pettals. Someone else used Petunia already :( **
If you and a friend are playing at the same bank of machines in multiplayer, can you see his/her machine also?

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