Riverbelle has the Viper software now


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Mar 29, 2002
Don't know when they switched over, but its available for d/l now!
Viper is Microgaming software on steroids. It provides the player with many more options than the ususal games. Each game has an expert and normal play option.

For instance, you can select to receive playing tips in Video Poker so that the game will hold strategically good cards to hold instead of the normal "win" cards. Or you can select to play 10 spins at a time in slots. https://www.casinomeister.com/casino-reviews/ has a little bit written about it there.

Personally, I prefer the Viper when it comes to slots. But I still like to play Power Poker VP in normal MG software. The Viper seems a bit clunky and it's too fast for my taste. Guess I'm an oldtimer who likes his cards slow :)

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I should also mention that Crazy Vegas launched their Viperware today also:
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Another thing which is VERY impressive about the Viper version is the user interface. You are given a game selection, and when you roll the mouse over the game icon, you are given a screenshot of the game and a run-down on how many coins can be bet, and other game specific information that you may find useful. I really dig it.
Yeah, Viper is a big improvement on the MG suite, but I wish they would give you an option to run it on your normal desktop resolution. Those HUGE cards in VP can be kinda scary!

Seriously though, the expert mode is really cool for both slots and vp. You can set a number of parameters on your play such as # of spins/hands to play, how long to wait in between each hand/spin, whether to stop on a jackpot, stop after winning X dollars, stop after losing X Dollars, stop on a bonus, automatically double (vp), etc etc. Then there are 2 buttons for spin 5x & spin 10x which also use the above parameters.

I use it for things like, the casino is having a contest where you need to purchase & wager $X on a particular slot game. I'll purchase, figure out the total # of spins needed, and program the autoplay function to do it for me. I usually set it to stop on a win or loss of $25 as well so I can re-evaluate whether I want to continue. Doing this last nite, I hit a $100+ win on a slot and it stopped for me and I took the money and ran.

Bryan, I particularly like it on power poker. I'll use the same parameters as above, deposit $50 and turn it lose on .25 power poker. So far its returned a couple of wild royals and 4 deuces on deuces wild pp. And all within a dozen or so hands with optimum play and nothing for me to do but watch. Give it a try like that sometime.
Captain Cooks just launched their Viperware:

I have Vipers coming out of my ears!

I'll have to run the "optimum play" again with the VP. I guess what bugs me is that it holds the optimum cards, and I initially think I have a winning hand. It makes your heart skip a beat for a moment :D

It bugged me so I turned it off.

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