On April 02, 2001 I made a paypal deposit into my casino players account in the amount of 30.00 dollars.

I loged into my players account quite a few times to find that my balance was still zero and that they haven't posted my funds transfer to my account. I called it a night and went to bed. When I woke the following day I attempted to login to my players account and my account had been locked. I was then told they will refund my deposit back to my paypal account immediatelly. I want know what casino accepts someones money and then locks them out. They told me they would immediatelly expedite my request to refund my paypal account with the 30.00 dollars I deposited. When I logged into my paypal account once again there was no credit from proc cyber. I gave them a couple days and sure enough 16 days have now past and I have called them every single day taking a log of all my conversations with these people and not one person at this dump will help me. I am told that their operations department is in charge of handling this. I was told that they would take care of it everytime I call their operation department is closed I have called around the clock to these people. No matter who I call they tell me they will file a complaint and I will hear from them within 24 hours and I never do. These people have ripped me off and I wont tolerate it. I demand my money be refunded to my paypal account as there was no reason for these people to accept my paypal transfer and lock my account. They are complete thieves!!!
i had the very same problem and they still have
the paypal payment and never credited me
they and proc cyber gave me the run around.
they also would have had to give me a 35.00
bonus as it would have been 85.00 i deposited
with the paypal and that was the qualifying
amount so now later on if they do repay me they
of course will not want to hear about the 35.00
i would have gotten that day per their
offer which was a con in my opinion to lure
me and you to their site. bad customer service
terrible treatment of paying customers if you ask me.

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