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Dormant account
Oct 5, 2005
New York
I recieved this email today from bellerock:

River Belle Online Casino Real Account Number: trbrXXXXXXXX
Has River Belle Welcomed You Back to Winning yet?

Where have you been, gmblpdam? Weve got a Match Deposit Bonus of up to $250* waiting just for you

You should have received news of this fantastic offer in the post. If not, dont worry because this is your opportunity to get playing and winning right now.

Everything looks good so far...

This is on the page that I was linked to from the email:

Please note: This promotion is available to FIRST TIME Real Players only.

Hahaha, why would they send a promotion for their sign up bonus in a welcome back email? Ridiculous
I think we had this issue once before, either at BR or Fortune, and decided that while it is misleading, it was probably attributed to simplistic auto-mail procedures that were unable to distinguish exiting and new players apart.
i got the same (i think) e-email. I looked at the terms and it appears to me that the bonus is good for the 1st deposit during this promotion.

bellerock has tricked me before with their word-wizardry though so I have no inclination to try this one.

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