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Oct 28, 2002
I spent maybe a total of $60 at river nile casino, which is no big deal to me but I know that thier games have to be rigged, I was playing blackjack mostly and I noticed that I would win maybe 1 hand out of every 8 - 10 hands. The dealer would never bust on their bustcards, but I would almost always bust on a hand of 12 or greater. Frustrated with this game I decided to try out roulette, I was just playing the red spot to see what would happen. Sure enough, after nearly 25 trials, it hit red maybe a total of 3 times, and I am sure that the opposite would have been true had I beed betting on black. I can't believe that this place or any other Microgaming casino can claim to have fair odds, I would rather go to a land based casino, at least if you lose there you know that you are probably not being cheated. I don't see how these places can stay in business if they keep screwing everyone over.
Let me get this straight....you lose $60 playing a few hands of BJ and now your screaming River Nile is "rigged"?
Give me a break.
Tell me again "why" it's NOT rigged if you lose $60 playing BJ at Harrah's but IS rigged simply because you lost it playing online?

I'll make a deal with you toofast, I'll send you the lousy $60 you lost today by Paypal, if you promise you'll never post here again. Deal?

Somebody give this baby his bottle.
You give me $60 and damn strait I will never post here again. But would it be different if I had lost $1000? How about $2000?? would I still be a baby then?? The point is, I know the game of blackjack very well, I have been playing for about 5 years and I have won thousands at land based casinos and I have also had a few sizable payouts on some internet casinos. I know that you can go through large negative runs, but in this case I was losing almost every hand, consitently. And this is the case at almost every microgaming casino that I have ever played at, its just a damn joke to me that these people think they can pull this off consitently. So don't get all defensive and tell me I don't know what I am talking about, whose side are you on anyways?? I see every casino as the enemy, they wan't my money and I wan't theirs, but I expect a fair game, and you are damn strait I am going to bitch about it when its not.

BTW, you can paypal me at 93vr4@cox.net
Hey, you wan't to pay me to not bitch I will do it
I am pretty much fed up with the whole internet gamling empire anyways, too many shady people and and shady business practices. I had one casino sieze $800 of my winnings because they said I was committing fraud, another double charged my credit card but didn't deposit the extra money into my account. I know that there are some reputatble casinos out there, but there is an overwhelming # of them that do screw people over whether it be with rigged games or just not paying them. None of this kind of crap would fly at any land based casino. I am definitely not the first to bitch about Microgaming being unfair and I will definitely not be the last.
Maybe you ought to stick to online casinos that are an offshoot of their Brick and Mortar versions. Something to check into. William Hill (crypto) Ladbrokes (Micro, oops), Tattersals just to name a few.

But since you are in the US, you may have a bit of difficulty finding a B&M casino that will take a US player. Bummer :(

I agree with Bryan. If you want a fair game, you are more likely to get one at sites that are owned by well known land based casinos. Stanley Acropols may not offer bonuses anymore, but the service they offer is absolutely phenominal, and the games are reputable. Also Lasseters in Australia. What a fantastic operation. Games may play slow, and software may be lame but games are fair. And they pay quickly to paypal and now neteller.

I've played for 14 hours a day, EVERY DAY for weeks at a time at RTG and Boss sites, and believe thier games are unscrupulously honest.

However, not all RTG sites pay, so play only with the reputable licensees. Personally, I agree with the OPA's decision to blacklist all, since RTG offers very little player protection.
I totally agree with you toofast, I have yet to play at a microgaming site that plays a fair game of BJ. And I too have been playing at land based casinos as well as online ones for clost to 10 years now. I know a fair game when I see it (and vice-versa).

I also agree with dave_r about RTG, I've found their games totally fair, but some of the operators leave a bit to be desired. Though, I have only had problems with a few of them (Americas Online, Ruby Dragon, Winner's Playground).

I also have to give a big thumbs up to two casinos that I've been playing at recently though. Pink Lady casino and Gambling Online casino. These two are run by gamblingfederation.com and though their software isn't as polished as the microgamings & RTGs, it has some good games and does play a fair game of BJ (single & multihand) and offers $5k if you get dealt 3 7's of spades with no side bet necessary.

The best part about these folks though (aside from their 10% bonus every tuesday and usually on weekends too) is they PAY QUICKLY! I usually have my $$ in paypal withing a couple of days, or a fedexed check on my doorstep within a few days as well (for no extra charge). They hace a number of casinos, but they are all virtually the same. I've also played at their Lucky Gate casino, but never had good luck there, so I stick to the other 2. Love their 9 line Wild Genie & Super 7 slots for 5 cents a line! I'll play that for hours on end.
dispite the problems with MG's and RTG that I have experienced, I have found Cryptologic to be the best and most realistic feeling game that I have found so far on the net, they paid me very quickly too.
I dont believe all mg casinos are cheats. I do believe river nile is cause I had similar results like too fast did.I had 300 dollars and had maybe 3 hand wins out of every ten if I was lucky. Their win to loss ratio is what he meant and that is highly unfair. I ve noticed at intercasino I ll lolose like 8 or 9 in a row and other times win that many in a row. Personally I feel it is rigged there and based on my results I guarentee it.
Toofast4u & JPM, which of the RTG casinos do you consider reputable or at the least reliable enough to pay and within what time frame? Have a good one.

Hey jpm & toofast4you: I played a small amount of BJ at RiverNile & their sister site:Golden Riviera, but mostly played VP.Although I never seemed to win much at their BJ, I would find it hard to believe their software is rigged and did win & cash out on VP. I use to love some of their promos- often 40-50% bonus for returning players (but not usually able to play BJ on this.) I did stop playing at either of these sites, even after winning a couple of royals. The payout was EXTREMELY slow. After complaining the last time that my payout took over 3 weeks, the casino host told me "that's the way it is". So, I moved on & haven't played their since. I did always get paid, every cent. It just took weeks!
Wow, this is an OLD thread. I was looking at my post there from november 3rd and thinking, I didn't write this on monday. Then realized it was 2002! lol.

You can disregard pretty much every positive recommendation I made in that post. I do not think the gamblingfederation casinos play fair anymore. They turned around after a major software upgrade a few months back and haven't been the same since.

As for RTGs, I pretty much stay away from them now. I haven't had a cashin at one for a few months at least and only play there very sporadically (like when one throws some money at me). Crown Vegas is one that will do this, but I have yet to cashin there, so I have no idea how easy it would be or how long it would take. I stick with Playtech, MG, & Cryptologic casinos now.
Love2vegas, you were lucky to get paid in three weeks, it was more like 2 months in my case.
I don't know if they only play slowly if you take up a bonus like Black WidoW, but I stopped playing at RN. Back to the original topic, I don't think there is anything wrong with the software, but this casino is the slowest payer I have ever met.
Well done jpm for the update!


I don't want to interfere - but should it really be possible for such an old thread to be re-born as it were.

Some readers appear to take things at face value without realising the age and as we all know things change damn quick out there in cyberland!

Just a thought.
Yes, bbchang21, I agree with the slow payments. The 3 week payout was actually after they upgraded to Neteller "fast" payouts. Previously, I had gone much longer for payments. About the same time, I was dealing with a slow payment from Black Widows sister casino: Grand Banks. RN was at least responsive to emails, just used a ton of stall tactics. SLOW PAYMENTS seems to be their specialty!
Amazing how this stuff happens...yes, this is one of the reasons why this message board is being relaunched, probably in the next week or so--maybe sooner. Archiving has been a bit of an issue...
I agree with vgyhnji, at some point a discussion should become an archive. Like after x months of inactivity for instance. Or maybe there could be a notation to the effect that the discussion you are reading is more than 6 months old and may be out of date (as this one definately was!).

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