River Nile free play..Joke


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Jul 23, 2006
Manchester UK
Ahahha just wasted an hour of my life trying to earn a bonus on the river Nile free play.
I was playing nicely at about $2 a spin for a while and got some decent hits so doubled the start 1000 to 2000 played some more and tried to end the free play and got told sorry I had to wager 10* the 1000 I started with, doh 10,000 credits.
I was playing auto at 45 a spin max on ladies night and still did'nt manage to get to 10* in the end.
What a Joke WR on a freeplay bonus of 10,000 uninstalled, thank you and goodnight :thumbsup:


Decided to make a deposit before uninstalling, so glad I did, read my MG 35% :p

Ohhhh Boy
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