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Oct 9, 2006
Im on a roll at River Nile tonight. Has anyone ever played there? I don't see many threads about it. Anyway, I deposited $30 at 10pm, I was playing the 9 line 5 reel penny slots. I went up and down for a bit. I got to about $41 at 12am and hit for $100, I played until I hit $165 so I could cash out and still have $65 or so to play tomorrow morning

I requested my payout (emailed my documents right away) and I have my own little system where I play the first game I played in the day last before I log off. I just do 5 spins and go to bed. I was on my third spin and hit for $100 again, on my fifth spin I hit for another $50. I requested another payout (this casino doesnt make you reverse, you can have more than one w/d at a time)

So, in closing.....started with $30, cashed out $200 and still have $140 left for tomorrow! You gotta try this casino if you like slots. I played stars and stripes and kahuna. I don't know what's going on:notworthy tonight, but they are generous tonight!!!
Im on a roll at River Nile tonight. Has anyone ever played there?

No threads is normally a good sign :) But they are one of the lesser exposed of the MG casinos, part of the Golden Star network. Only a 12 hour reverse too - not bad for an MG, though they don't do manual flush.
quick reply

LOL....see my big tool

you guys are funny. I like the one that says "do you like gladiator movies?" Airplane was a priceless movie:lolup:
Hi Babs, can you make sure you come back and tell us when you get paid? I went through quite the ordeal with them over a small cashout about 2 1/2 years ago. Now granted, it was a free chip, their signup offer I think. I finally did get paid...but have since heard that they've gone through a major shakeup and are supposed to be pretty quick now with their cashouts. So if you'd come back and post when you're paid, I'd appreciate it. :)

Oh, and please don't mention Simmo's BIG TOOL.....it's quite a source of embarrassment for all of us here, the way he goes around bragging about it and all. :p
I never had any trouble cashing out of that group. I played them quite a bit, but then got tired of the little reload bonuses they offer.
Actually, I'm more embarassed for him when he goes around whipping it out for all to see. :p ;)

He he he....how many pages you think we can milk out of this one Mac? ;)
Ill be happy to

Ill let you know as soon as I get it. I actually didnt win with any bonus involved, so I dont think it will be a problem. It was all of my money
Brilliant in not taking out a bonus. I am sure you will get paid. 2 Years ago, I had a problem with their sign-up bonus. I deposited $150 and started playing on the understanding that the bonus would be in my account within 24 hours. Well, I lost my $150 deposit and waited more than the prescribed time for my bonus and it never appeared. Instead, they told me that I was not eligible since I had an account at Golden Riviera and they considered me as a bonus abuser. However, after negotiating, they gave me my deposit back so all's well that ends well.
Back on topic ( you lot eh :rolleyes: ), Golden Star (River Nile, Golden Riviera, Slots Royale & Miami Paradise) have just announced that they are likely to block the "illegal" states a-l Vegas Partner Lounge.

Just an FYI.
Hiya Fruru

Got my money today......not bad, less than 5 days!!!


I try the $10 no deposit bonus at golden riviear casino (sister casino of river nile casino) and lost it in 63 spins-----not so lucky as you.
River Niles got no love for me

Hi all....thought I'd add my very short experience I had today at River Nile. Theres bad luck, and then theres this!

I made $40 deposit and received $60..and started play with $100. Initiated play in blackjack games and brought it to $124. I headed towards the slots and before I could say "Shiet!," it was all gone.

I played ThunderShmuck, TallyHo, SpringBreak, LadysNight, Good to Go...my bets were 9 - 45 cents / spin. I hit Thunderlucks Bonus feature three times at 45c....resulting in $0.00 bonus feature winnings once, and twice with little more than 3 bucks! wak!

Anyhow, Congrats to all the winners!.. I'm sure it feels nice...as for me, this casino group is showing no love.....

GoldenRiviera, in the past, never creditted my 200% sign up bonus, even after I contacted support. Instead I got an email from them that says: "If There is anything I can do to make your time with us online more Golden please don''t hesitate to contact me via email!"...

Good Luck Everyone!
that was a short run

No worries for the people that didnt do that well at river nile. It seems that every time I cash out and play again a couple of days later, I lose everytime. This has happened at 3 casinos so far (in a row)

Now, lets see what happens at Superslots lol, I won $300 last night and cashed out 2 times, so I still have a $100 left. But like I said before, I don't get "mad", just disappointed because it is atleast their money Im losing this time :)

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