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Jun 22, 2006
I am having a problem with my bonus and winnings being cashed out there. I played at this casino and deposited starting a new account. I managed to win a little money and requested a cashout for $2150. I received $500 on the next monday (The 24th) when I was told I would receive a cashout. I did not receive as cashout this past monday either. When I contacted live support earlier he told me that as per a management policy I had 2 accounts there. I inquired about this and was told that I had an account at Winward casino and they didn't not allow duplicate accounts. I did not know this and had already deposited, wagered and withdrew when they decided to run this "check" and close my account without paying me my winnings. They claimed to do this for all players winners and losers. I think that this is ridiculous and unclear. I kept a log of the chat but will not post it yet.

Suggestions? Plans?

Cliff Notes: River Boat says since I played at Winward they can seize my bonus plus winnings.

I think Jetset has a senior management contact at this group and he might be prepared to help.

Why not PM him and see.


Wow! 3 different complaints in as many months. You must be falling foul of the casinos or conversely, the casinos must be falling foul of you.

Anyway, back on topic. There does not seem to be anything in Winward's or riverboat's homepages to suggest that you cannot hold accounts simultaneously at both casinos nor claim bonuses from both. They have got to realise that if they dont want the player to claim bonuses at their 'sister' casinos, they should make this crystal-clear. They only stated in their website that they can rescind the bonus if there was player abuse but simply having an account at these 2 casinos and claiming bonuses once at each of them does not amount to bonus abuse IMO. If they dont want your business at the second casino fine, the account can be closed but only after all winnings due have been paid out.
Lets calm down now. Bet Royal is a known slow payer that I jumped on and needed to make sure that people know about.... again... for the millionth time. Dash wasn't really a complaint I was trying to let people know they have a software error. :(

I mean.... I feel that people should be posting ALL information they have about casinos and not just here or there. Without regulation this is the only way we have to regulate and people have to share the information.

BTW I do have suspicions of other casinos having funky software which I've seen other people post about at other boards but havn't posted about yet since I have no proof. Is there any way to get in touch with Michael Shackleford(Sp?), Wizard of Odds, since I know he's looked into this things before.

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