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Sep 10, 2008
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Anyone else find it annoying that River Belle continues to flash the "100%/100$" bonus on their home screen without really saying anywhere that that is just the welcome bonus? I made a 2nd deposit at the casino thinking I was going to get 100% on it (too good to be true I realize now),and only after talking to a CSR did they explain that I had already received my welcome bonus and I wouldn't be getting anything for this last deposit.

I realize now that I'll receive email about any upcoming bonuses and yada yada but I just think its misleading to new users that they continue to advertise for the welcome bonus in the software itself, anytime one hits the "home" button section, withoyut actually saying "100% welcome bonus" -I see now they do say "on your first deposit" in the finer prints underneath but at the time I took that to mean "first deposit from now", not first deposit from when I joined. I mean, I already joined, got the welcome bonus, why are you still telling me about it??? Anyhoo just needed to vent a little I guess...
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Mar 13, 2008
I find it very annoying. I contacted Support about it almost a year ago...before making the deposit, but they do not seem to care.


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Oct 14, 2004
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Welcome to the capital city of Bellerock - Incompetence.

This is pretty minor as far as BelleRock incompetence goes.

There is another thing you are not told, and that is when you claim this bonus at ANOTHER BelleRock casino, perhaps because it is there in the lobby, they will CONFISCATE ANY WINNINGS, since the rules allow only ONE welcome bonus FOR THE WHOLE GROUP. It is not obvious, as their main pages promote in BIG WRITING the welcome bonus for each of the 4 casinos, and you can tab between them. You have to click through and look for the fine detail before discovering the rule about one bonus for the whole group.

The misleading promotion through what are made to look like "personalised" banners in the lobby has lead a few players into this trap, and BelleRock blame the player for falling for the hype, and not going through the rules. Worst of all, the SOFTWARE and CS will NOT inform players that they are not entitled to the bonus until it is TOO LATE. It WILL be credited in error, player plays it in good faith, and gets winnings confiscated for doing so.

Many other things simply do not work at BelleRock, and when things go wrong, you will see how inept their CS are at handling matters. THIS is why the BelleRock rep here is just so damn BUSY all the time.

King Neptunes casino got "broken" a couple of months ago when BelleRock decided to incorporate it into the main BelleRock portfolio. Parts are STILL broken, including being unable to get the BelleRock auction system to recognise my King Neptunes account as being a BelleRock casino group account.

Jackpot City is broken - happened when they upgraded to the new MG lobby. The Auction claim system is broken, and sometimes even the personalised Email bonus system breaks down. CS often take a very long time to reply, and sometimes never do, and they need some follow up prompting.

These problems are known about by BelleRock management, they even issued a statement to the forum through the rep some while ago (years, not months) that improvements were being made. None of these promises seem to have been kept, they just muddle along as they are, mending one thing, and breaking another.

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