Rival's Save-a-Ho Multiple Accounts Detector Got Me!


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Jan 30, 2006
Los Angeles
My reply to a welcome email tells the story:

RE: william, Welcome to Vegas Days?
From: (deleted by bernynhel)
Sent: Sun 9/06/09 2:20 PM
To: support@vegasdays.com

Dear John (ooh that doesn't sound good!),

I have already un-installed the casino. Apparently, Rival has a problem with your casino making any promotional offers to me. Not any other Rival site, mind you, just yours.

Even though my mother and I opened accounts at some Rival casinos from our separate homes on separate PCs and from different cities and counties, because I logged into several of my accounts from her PC while visiting, Rival's brilliant fraud detection software has protected your site from me. You were "saved" yesterday when I found "No Promotions Available" on the cashier page of your site after downloading your software and registering a new account from the banner linked from one of my NoDepositBonusNewsletter.com emails. Vegas Days Casino seems to be unique and you should consider yourself very lucky as my accounts at This Is Vegas, Sloto Cash, Superior (just played a $10 Free Chip at Superior not 5 minutes before opening your email I am replying to now) and every other Rival site I deposit and play at, regularly, have seen no limit to the promotional offers they may offer me, however perilous, so I continue to deposit and play those sites as Rival apparently has no regard for their safety, whatsoever.

Why Rival has abandoned those casinos and protects only you from me is a mystery. Like I said, just lucky, I guess.


(deleted by bernynhel)
Los Angeles

NoDepositBonusNewsletter.com is usually a pain in the butt as most of their email notices (sometimes more than 1 a day) are not new bonuses at all and sign up offers I've already tapped. This one offered a $100 No Deposit Bonus for the new (honest, new) Rival Site. Figures!

"Multiple accounts", indeed! Go argue with 'em. :lolup:


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May 12, 2009
Victoria Australia
I tried a no-deposit bonus the other day at Rival & was rejected for multiple accounts & I have only ever opened one & that was for free play :rolleyes: