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Dec 11, 2003
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I deposited approx. 970$ and received 970$ bonus at RivalBet. Wagered around 15.000 and ended up with a balance over 2.000$. Made a withdrawal 2,5 weeks ago. Neteller payments were supposed to be processed within 2 days, now its been 2 weeks.

I have contacted RivalBets customer service 4 times to ask when I will be paid. Their friendly customer service always tell me, that their Accounts-department is experiencing some payment delays. I have asked them to tell me when I will get paid. They always tell me that the Accounts-department doesnt know when they will pay me. The Accounts-department doesnt seem to want to contact me personally.

Im worried about the fact, that nobody can tell me the exact date of when my withdrawal will be processed. How should I proceed now when Bryan is away? Have you others played at this casino (www.rivalbet.com)?

Really appreciate any help I can get.
RivalBet still has not paid

Hi. Its been almost 3 weeks. They advertise 1-2 days with neteller. Does anybody wager there or have contacts to the Casino. Can someone help me get my 2.000 dollars? I would be extremly greatful.

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