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Cococa casino and pantasia casino have always been good to me. So has slotocash and slot power vanguard. Also rome and rich casino are ok to! I don't no what software rome or rich are but there all good in my book


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Why are you posting about Cherry Red, and Rivals and Topgame casinos in the Introduce Yourself forum? Just curious. :confused:

Rome and Rich Casino, btw....are Topgame software. All Topgame casinos are on the Not Recommended list here at Casinomeister. There are much better places to play than that. You should do a search on the forum here for Topgame, and see what kind of software and support issues they have had ie. cheating software.

EDIT: You've made a total of seven posts on CM since joining, and besides the one above....these are two of the others, both relating to Cocoa Casino:

Very enjoyable site to play at guys and gals. :)
Super fast cashouts the whole bit people
The style gaming is great I wonder why the miester don't put them on his accredited list?
And here's the link to the thread:


Max ended up merging your posts into one thread...and then as now, you posted them in the Introductions forum. Even back then, people were pretty sure you were a shill. If you are, I guess you're getting comped by more than just Cocoa now. One thread giving your kudos to whoever is sufficient, and it doesn't belong in the Introduce Yourself forum Met. That's what Online Casinos is for.

And you've made the exact same posts re: Cocoa and Cherryred in your public guestbook. What's that about?


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Now, now, Pina. You know some folks just do not get the forum world. After all, it is really, really hard to read through and figure out the "social graces" to a gambling forum, ya know??? :rolleyes: