Rival Casinos "routine maintenance"


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Oct 26, 2004
I have been playing the Rival casinos every day nonstop for a couple months. This morning I attempted to log on to a couple of them and got the same message at all of them , "we're sorry but the software is temporarily down for routine maintenance".
After awhile I gained access, and deposited at two different casinos. Both of them had one thing in common, No pays of any kind.
As you all know these weren't the loosest slots in the world to begin with but these sessions were nasty. Over 500 spins combined total bonuses 3 and all three paid nada.
Is anyone else experiencing the same thing today at Rivals ? Could it be they made "adjustments" to the software this morning to hinder the amount of payouts ? Maybe this belongs in the switch has been thrown thread.:D


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Jan 30, 2007
Texas, USA
Well, I can't say that all has been bad. I deposited $50 this a.m. and cash out $600. Left $300 to play on and it went in minutes. Go figure!!

But I did get them for a little bit so I am happy. :thumbsup:

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