Rival and their slow live chat


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Jul 18, 2004
Pacific NW
When it comes to live chat, nothing irritates me more than long wait times in between questions. Since live chat doesn't show actual time, I'm going to start entering the time when I ask questions. I thought of it since I waited about 5 minutes before questioning the generic "one moment please."

This chat took about 10 minutes and I was the only person being helped!

Liz: Welcome to Tropica Casino Live Support. How may I assist you?
me: Hi Liz, I had a cashout reversed and am trying to find out why it was done.
me: User name is me
me: email is me1@comcast.net
Liz: One moment please.
me: Are you checking on this or helping someone else? 9:57
Liz: It has been forwarded to management as we can not see why it has been reversed
me: Does management have a direct email? I emailed support hours ago and heard nothing...
Liz: support@tropicacasino.com and we forward it to management
me: That's where I sent it.
me: Is there any manager that works weekends?
me: ? 10:00
Liz: Sometimes but it can be replied till Monday
me: Ok
me: One other question
me: How many people are you currently helping that I have to wait minutes for a response?
Liz: Only you at the moment
me: Hmm
me: ok well I'll expect a response on Monday, at the latest.
Liz: Alright
me: bye
Liz: Thank you for using Live Support. Should you have any future questions, please contact us again.