Ritz Club London


Dormant account
Dear Everybody,
From one moment to another Ritz Club London indicates: Error code 913-database error. I cannot pay, I cannot ask my money back. They do not answer my e-mails, do not phone me back. It is from 5 days now!What can I do?
Thank you,Vivy


RIP Brian
Are you in one of these prohibited areas?


The Ritz Club London Online is prohibited from accepting deposits from residents of the following countries: Hong Kong, France, North Korea, South Korea, Austria, Australia, Netherlands Antilles, the United States and its territories. Residents of these countries, except France, are obviously most welcome to play The Ritz Club London Online for fun?"

This is a well established and solidly funded outfit powered by Cryptologic - it is unlikely that they would close without telling their members and behaving in a professional manner.


Forum Cheermeister
Staff member
I'm checking on this now.


Forum Cheermeister
Staff member
The player is from Hungary so we'll see if this seems to be a problem.


Ex-Bonus Whore
I believe that regardless if Vivy is from Hungary or not they should have get back to her.She has the right to know.
I don't blame her though because Ritz club sometimes choose to not answer emails.


Dormant account
more like they just don't anwer emails. Then ecash tells u to call them with your problem so I do and they say u have to email them.#$$ morons if I expected an email from u I wouldn't call now would I?