Rising Royals from MGS

The Viking

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Oct 3, 2010
Faroe Islands
“The Symbol Lock Re-spin and Symbol Upgrade combine to add tremendous excitement with players looking for a full grid of the Rising Royals symbol, offering the potential for fantastic wins.
and thats 300x your bet ?? are they for real :D


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Nov 16, 2018
"Just for the win" release, if this is not enough for not playing it. Watch the promotion video and it should clearly show you why not to play this slot. Probably never saw such a bad promotion, they should at least add a bonus game like 8 free spins with only premium symbols where the chance is higher to have multiple decent wins in a row. That way at least the bonus rounds would have a little bit potential.

I personally do not hate slots with low potential since they tend to be more friendly to my deposits, playing them is not that bad and they stretching the gambling session. That way you also tend to deposit less.

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