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Mar 11, 2009
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First, I would like to say that I’m certain that the accredited casinos listed here probably don’t nor would ever consider using gaffed software.

As most should know by now the Wizard of Odds (Mike S.) has confirmed that a certain software provider "BLR" have written a gaffed (rigged) craps game program. You could read about it here :
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Eliot Jacobson who also contributed to the research brought it to our attention here : https://www.casinomeister.com/forum...e-with-blr-tech-casinos-craps-software.46964/

One of the sports books that use this software immediately made this statement today:

Quote: 5Dimes
With the present accusations and facts against the BLR casino platform, the 5Dimes group has chosen to remove this casino platform from our multiple casino lineup.

BLR was given ample time to address the concerns of forum members as well as our direct questions. No acceptable answers were given, so the casino platform was removed.

A management decision was made to eliminate that casino and focus on expanded offerings with the other casino platforms.

This doesn’t mean that all software providers are rigging their games, but does confirm that in fact it could and has been done. In the past we have seen cases like E.H. rigging the double down feature in video poker, and caught a casino paying even money for black-jack, but this is the first confirmed case where we’ve actually seen a software provider that rigged an entire game. (As far as I’m aware of)

There are many members here including me that already concluded that online gaming is skewed in one form or another. Many doubters are no doubt just sore losers, but many are basing their doubts on knowledge and experiences. If games (other then slots) are gaffed just by a couple of percentage points, it could mean millions and millions of dollars more for the house and that much less getting to the players. Most players trying to prove similar allegations could never accumulate enough data, and even if they did and fell below EV by a couple or more percentage points, the results would simply be over looked. If software providers wanted to rig games most would not be as obvious as "BLR" or the poker scandal greedy fools were, and would never be detected. When detected by the experienced non slot player it would be virtually impossible to prove unless all games were recorded from the get go.

I actually view this issue as a positive for online gaming. Regardless how big or small this provider is (or was) it’s another of many black eyes for online gaming. I would tend to think that issues like this could only expedite the dire straits to employ real regulation and enforcement which would confirm all software before it could be used with regulated seals and monthly reviews.
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May 10, 2009
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It's good to see 5Dimes is taking action as that is my favorite sportsbook and I also like to play their bonus casino.
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Nov 18, 2006
I wonder sometimes, I really do because we all know that it could happen and occasionally does as evidenced by a couple of past episodes and the current one.

The one I wonder about the most is one that recently pulled out of the US, well except for a couple of lone casino's. They had such a colorful history. So many foul ups and rumors about ownership, and all the white labels who obviously couldn't tie their shoes and chew gum at the same time. I could go on and on but well we know the history.