Riga (Latvia) and Sofia (Bulgaria) land casinos I visited.

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Oct 25, 2006
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Just in case anyone is visiting either of these 2 lovely EU cities, both have several nice modern large casinos with many slots and plenty of live dealer games all at quite low limits, and in Sofia free drinks to players (Including decent spirits too) Limits are low in both cities, with Blackjack and table games min at about $5 or less.

The best casino I found in Riga was the Olympic Voodoo casino which is a really nice place to gamble.

Two casinos I can recommend in Sofia:

Casino London located next to the Radisson Blu SAS hotel (I stayed in this hotel and can recommend it.)

Casino Princess located next to the Ramada hotel. This is a Vegas style casino with all the latest slots and again many table games and all drinks free. but the hotel seemed a bit dated and the area not as nice as where the Casino London is located.

Anyway hope this is of interest to someone out there.