RichCoastSports taken over by BetCris


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Jan 16, 2002
A matter which deserves publicity on many fronts.

RichCoastSports, a fairly new sportsbook, quit the business this week. On the face of it it looked like a failure, though in fact a straight handover of assets had been in the pipeline. One way or another the handover didn't happen, and players' funds were looking to be in some jeopardy, particularly when there was a hint of a possible takeover by a very poorly-rated operation that would have most likely made cashing out a problem. There was a happy New Year conclusion, however: BetCris, one of the oldset and best sportsbooks in the business, stepped in and took over all player balances, with no adherent conditions - all money available for immediate withdrawal. The takeover was brokered by The Offshore Wire, who had advertised for Rich Coast and had a substantial stake in the matter one way or another.

There are many threads at TheOffshoreWire and SportsbookReview on this matter. For starters, here's the resolution thread:

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Much kudos go to to TheOffshoreWire and BetCris for saving the day.
I had no involvement in the whole situation. I was merely witnessing kids laughing at someone's drowning in the pool while, at the same time, playing in the sand with their 'more generous' buddies.

This story got to me. I like to visit most of the major websites and participate in their forum. I understand there is competition between sites but a watchdog's first and foremost interest, or any site that is promoting books or casinos, should always be the player.

In the RCS situation, TheOffshoreWire, who had the book as a sponsor, worked on the resolution of the problem while some other site was applauding the failure and finger-pointing at TOW for the promotion of new books.

Considering the level of integrity in this industry, it is amazing to see someone casting the first stone. It is mostly deplorable to see one's enjoyment at a site/book difficulties while the players are nervously awaiting a favorable outcome. Imagine WOL mocking both the casino and Casinomeister while Bryan is working on solution for players concerning a recent addition to the accredited list.

Sure, the players fund an account at their own risk. But it's always good to know where to turn to if you ever encounter a problem in this industry.


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