REY8 - Refusing to close a compulsive gamblers account


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Dec 27, 2007
So guys, after a massive recent downfall I realise that I am a compulsive gambler. Have been getting all casino accounts closed and trying to make the temptation less so I dont damage my life anymore than I already have. This was the chat with them at rey8:

me: hello i would like to terminate my account, i am a problem gambler
George.: Good morning, welcome to Rey8
George.: I understand that you would like to clos your account as you have issues with gammbling is that correct?
me: it is yes
George.: I can help you with that, I will close the account for you.
me: thanks

*about 15 mins with no reply*

me: ????
George.: Before closing the account is there anything else I could help you with todaY?
me: nope nothing
me: i want it closed so what else would you be able to help with?

*10 mins with no reply*

me: ??????
me: wow, you guys are making it impossible, iv admitted i have a problem, i shouldnt even be logged into a casino because its part of my addiction and still very tempting, and you take 20 mins+ and my account is still not closed

Online support is currently unavailable.

So theres that, I openly admitted that I am a gambler with a problem. They had all my account details there as its a playtech which you get the live support for direct in your account. The guy in fact stalled when he said "Before closing the account is there anything else I could help you with todaY?". What else would he be able to help with? you can tell it wasnt an automated message because the Y is caps typo. It point to me that he was implying that I should ask for a special bonus or something.

Instead of closing my account when I specifically asked him which should be taken seriously and closed in a few mins hes stalled, taken over 20 mins and then ended the chat window


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Feb 22, 2001
First off, kudos for having the smarts and courage to face up to your problem and do something about it.

Next, I would give this one more try (but DO NOT be tempted into gambling again) in case there was some technical or human stupidity involved on the casino side. If a second attempt fails, you might want to bring this to the direct attention of the owners, who appear to be licensed in the relatively new jurisdiction of Guernsey in the Channel Isles (they have a cooperative relationship with Alderney):

SpiderDragon Limited
Le Val
Guernsey, Channel Islands
United KingdomGY9 3UL

[email protected]



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Apr 17, 2010
Turn around...
Hi sparkz,

They have a responsibility when it comes to problem gamblers and it doesn't appear by the information provided they're helping out much. That's a shame cause you have admitted to having a problem, that's a big first step.

The industry must realize that it's absurd first off to make problem gamblers run to every site they've registered with over the years and ask for their accounts to be closed.

I can't divulge much here but in short I recently added a tool where players that feel they have a problem and need to stop now simply click one link and it sends a notice to all the registered gaming sites.

Then down the road if you were to go to another gaming site and try to register, they can check you against the database and refuse your registration.

I wish you the best moving forward and sorry to hear you're having problems when trying to do what's best for you. If you'd like to be added to the self exclusion database please PM me.

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