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Jun 30, 1998
If there are any affiliates due payments from Revolutionary Poker, they need to submit their complaints via PAB now. So far I have only four complaints:

Yeah I have talked to some of the other victims in this one, and still no one has been paid or contacted by FutureBet. I think in our last email you said they are under the impression we are paid, that unfortunately doesnt seem to be the case for anyone yet.

It appears I am the only one right now that has been paid. I have talked to a few other affiliates who have posted in this thread and they have not been paid or contacted. I however was, and have been paid.
Thank you for this post Casinomeister.

I will be making a complaing against Revelutionary Poker through PAB soon. They have still not paid our affiliate commissions for Oct and Nov, and have not responded to any of our communications. The network operator Ongame told us that it is not their problem, and the license holder FutureBet did not respond either.

Have any of you other victims than absentx been paid?
:what: You gotta be kidding me! I've been told a few times that all issues have been taken care of. The squeaky wheel gets the grease here. I guess you didn't squeak too loud :D

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